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The new Spider-Man movie didn't announce the full cast yet except for Spider-Man and Aunt May. So, who's the villain(s) that everybody wants to see?

No.1: Mysterio. One of Spider-Man's most loved villain, his powers are a fear to Spider-Man. Just imagine Mysterio appearing on the big-screen, that is every Marvel's fanboy dream come true, Mysterio. And of course, what success can it bring to the movie, it would be describable.

No.2: Green Goblin. A first choice villain in The Marvel Universe. Spidey's strength aren't much here if he founds out that his dear friend Harry Osborn or his dear friend's father Norman Osborn is The Green Goblin. But Spidey could deal with him, he's a psychopath and it's rarely easy to fight psychopaths!

No.3: Doctor Octopus. It's hard to find him a plot, but how about choosing the one in the Spider-Man 2 movie, where Spider-Man interrupted his operation in creating a sun and it follows Otto Octavious A.K.Ar Doctor Octopus see his dear love die. His will to kill Spidey would be very amazing to see on the big-screen again.

No.4: Carnage. This mad-killer is a good choice or maybe the best one. You're probably thinking 'that it's too early for the most strong-villain' but no, it's not. Maybe, The Osborn Company picks him up from the streets as he's no.1 wanted on the criminal's list and turn him into Carnage. Most successful plot? I think so too.

No.5: Kingpin. Finally, the famous Marshmallow Head that has a criminal mind, no more to say, imagine him teaming up with The Lizard. Hear me out, Kingpin creates a cure for Dr. Conner's hand with a deal to take down Spider-Man, then when Dr.Conner finds out that he turns into The Lizard he joins forces with Spider-Man against King Pin. Awesome!

Who do you want Spidey to fight? Share your thoughts in the comments!

P.S: Venom didn't make it into the list because as announced by the director Spidey's 15 so he can't make a villain named Venom if he lives with his Aunt May, and that's because Eddie Brock A.K.A Venom works in The Daily Bugle with Peter, and as soon he finds out that Peter is Spider-Man he'll want to kill him for various, different reasons.

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