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Under all the gothic stylings and dour expressions, the Addams Family have always been one of the most lovable families around. Sure, they throw knives at each other and play around with a full-sized guillotine, but there's an unquestionable level of loyalty that has always defined an Addams.

After all, that's one of the major lessons of Addams Family Values, one of the greatest movies of all time. Gomez and Morticia have their work cut out for them when it comes to keeping Wednesday and Pugsley from mutilating their new sibling, Pubert. But in the end, weird, morose love wins out.

In the spirit of the Addams, let's see how the kids have fared in real life with these surprisingly healthy influences. Here's what Wednesday, Pugsley, and Pubert are doing since leaving Lurch behind.

Wednesday Addams - Christina Ricci

As the maudlin Addams daughter, Christina Ricci quickly started her ascent to mega-stardom with her mature acting abilities and impeccably dark sense of humor. After Addams Family Values, she became a defining child star of the '90s, starring in classics like Casper and Now and Then.

Christina made a seamless transition to more adult roles (effectively escaping the curse of the child star) with movies like The Opposite of Sex, Sleepy Hollow, and Monster. Later, she took risks with different genres (Black Snake Moan and Penelope) and found love in her personal life, marrying James Heerdegen and having one son with him.

These days, Christina is starring as axe-murderess Lizzie Borden in Lifetime's TV miniseries, playing Zelda Fitzgerald in the Amazon pilot Z, and fitting her tiny frame into strange spaces to post the results on social media.

Yes, "Riccing" is a very real thing, and it briefly started a planking-like craze among some folks in Hollywood.

Pugsley Addams - Jimmy Workman

Jimmy Workman made his acting debut as the portly Pugsley Addams after accompanying his sister to the auditions where she was reading for Wednesday. While Jimmy was just playing on the set, casting directors immediately took notice and asked him to read for the role.

Since the fortuitous breakout, Jimmy has retired from acting multiple times. The first occurred right after Addams Family Values, but he did a few more small roles in movies like As Good As It Gets and Christmas in Connecticut before retiring for good after filming The Biggest Fan.

Lately, Jimmy's been working in the technical crew on film and TV, but he's more often in the news for his relationship with little sister Ariel Winter, who stars as Alex Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family. Here's a picture of the family with Jimmy and a very young Ariel.

Sadly, Ariel's mother was stripped of custody of her daughter when it came to light that she was "emotionally abusive." Ariel was under the temporary care of her sister Shanelle (the same one that auditioned for Wednesday), but Jimmy sought custody after claiming that Shanelle is a bad influence on the young actress.

In the end, Ariel was officially emancipated, and Jimmy and his mother claim the family has moved beyond the conflict. It seems like every family could learn something from the Addams!

Pubert Addams - Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper

A third Addams child was added to the family in Addams Family Values, much to the chagrin of Wednesday and Pugsley. That baby went through a lot during its brief time on Earth: growing a mustache, getting thrown off the roof, and, worst of all, going full-on blond.

The face of a future President
The face of a future President

Though Pubert was a boy, the baby was actually played by twin girls named Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper. The adorable twosome went on to star in only one other project, one episode of Home Improvement, and it seems like they went on to live a life away from the limelight.

Now both 23 years old, Kaitlyn and Kristen made names for themselves as star softball players in high school and at the University of Redlands. Sounds like the Addams parents would be horrified - but any others would be proud.

(Source: Daily Mail)


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