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Much like Harry, I wish I could know more about how Lily Evans and James Potter ended up falling in love. It seemed like they would never end up together, as Evans was constantly annoyed with Potter's antics while the two were teens at Hogwarts together.

However, somehow the two ended up falling in love, marrying each other, and having a child. Lily must have seen something in James, while James was able to mature and grow into a respectable young man.

Julvett's Deviant Art page is filled to the brim with cartoons called "Ask Jily" depicting Lily and the Marauders as young adults. And I have to admit, they're amazingly hilarious.

1. 'Actual Proof I Had Sex With Lily Evans'

2. A Little Late to the Beetlemania

3. The Best Workout Ever

4. A Love Poem

5. Severus and Sirius

6. Birthday Wishes

7. A Rose By Any Other Name

8. Operation Keep Lily Single

9. I Was "Studying"

10. Halloween Preparation

11. Wizard Heaven Prank

12. Internet Cake

13. Sirius Brags About How Many Women He's Shagged

14. Honeymoon

15. James and the Giant Inferius

16. James Is a Hufflepuff

17. Muggle Rubbers

18. His Abs...I Mean, Maturity

19. Jily Jealousy

20. Marauder Appeal

21. Crushing on the Chaser

22. Halloween Mistletoe

23. Muggle Movie Magic

24. James, James, James, James

25. 'Whyja Only Owl Me When You're High?'

26. Intense Loathing

While they seem to get on each other's nerves every so often (let's be real, James can really get under Lily's skin at times), the most important fact is that the two love each other and really support each other.

Lily must have lightened up as she got older, and James most definitely matured. You could say Jily is the bar to set for your relationship goals.

[Source: Imgur, Deviant Art]


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