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Feminism is meant for all men, women, in between, and neither. Equality between the genders doesn't sound like such a bad thing, does it? Respect, peace, understanding, and support among humankind just seems like the right qualities necessary to make the world a better place.

Thankfully, Bustle has pointed out the many Disney Princes feel the exact same way, and therefore acted like truly progressive and aware young men.

I know a few real-life lads can learn a thing or two from them.

1. Prince Eric

Instead of hiding from his "manly" pride, Eric actively seeks out the awesome, strong woman who saves his life to thank her. During their first date, Ariel's voice is gone and she isn't able to vocally give consent for a kiss (or even more), and yet Eric doesn't really pull off any moves that might make Ariel uncomfortable.

2. Simba

Like father, like son. Mufasa always respected the animals of his kingdom, whether it be female, male, warthog, bird, and so forth. Simba grew up with Nala and has known her since they were wee little cubs. He refers to Nala as his best friend, and holds her in high regards.

3. Naveen

Naveen changes for the better, going from being a ladies' man, to a real man. He learns how to cook. Yes, that's right friends! He actually stepped in the kitchen!

4. Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible is most definitely incredible, but he also thinks his wife Elastigirl is, too. He isn't afraid of a woman who can kick some major ass. They fight alongside each other, they play up each others' strengths, and they both take an active part in raising their adorable children. That's parenting done right.

5. Aladdin

Aladdin supports Jasmine's independence and will to make her own decisions. He also steps up to get on her level, transitioning from a street rat, to a prince. And instead of keeping that street rat mentality, he decides to be a respectable, caring leader.

6. The Sultan

The Sultan is bound by tradition, in which he must keep his daughter locked up and marry her to the richest, most powerful king or prince. Eventually, he breaks tradition and supports his daughter in making her own choices in life. He also lets her marry a peasant, which is incredibly out of character for a typical princess.

7. Shang

Shang may have originally thought being a man meant muscles, stoicism, and fighting. But once he sees Mulan's strength, compassion, feelings, bravery, and vulnerability, he realizes that being a real man, and a real human being, takes so much more than those three qualities. He breaks out of the patriarchal system and stands by Mulan's side.

8. Marlin

Marlin supported Dory in a really sweet, platonic way, and Dory returned the favor. Not once did Marlin attempt any nasty moves on her. And do we remember just how loving Marlin treated Coral? There's nothing sexier than a loving father and friend figure.

9. Carl Fredrickson

Carl may be shy and timid, but his love Ellie brings out the best in him. And I'd have to say that he brings out the best in her! They set goals with each other and help each other around the house. Carl isn't the only one handy with some tools and paint.

10. Kristoff

So Kristoff already comes from a pretty progressive kingdom, or should I say queendom, as Queen Elsa is the female ruler of Arendelle. He even supports reindeer equality, which as a vegan, I can totally get behind. He's way better than that two-timing asshole, Hans. Yuck!

There's nothing more attractive than a respectable man who supports and cares for his female counterpart.

These exemplary feminist men are honorable and more manly than most run-of-the-mill guys I've come across.

[Source: Bustle]


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