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When Hugh Jackman announced that he will be popping the claws one last time as Wolverine the Internet exploded. Jackman has defined the role of Wolverine on screen for over 10 years and nobody will ever do it better. Of course, along with the sadness from fans, everyone started to wonder who should take on the role of Wolverine moving forward. One of the most popular names that always seemed to come up was the Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy. There has been an overwhelming amount of support for Tom Hardy to suit up as an X-Man and the current Wolverine Hugh Jackman is supportive as well.

Hugh Jackman wants Tom Hardy to replace him!

I, along with the majority of the internet, have expressed my support for Tom Hardy to be cast as our next Wolverine. While fan-casts on the internet usually carry no merit, Hugh Jackman stated in an interview with MTV that he would choose Tom Hardy to replace him as Wolverine! Check it out here:

I think everyone would agree that if Hugh Jackman thinks it would work, it will work! Maybe the overwhelming request from fans across the internet sparked some sort of idea in Jackman's head and made him realize that Hardy may be the right person. Or maybe he thinks similarly to the fans!

Is Tom Hardy really the right person for Wolverine?

I honestly believe that Tom Hardy is the perfect replacement for Hugh Jackman. His size is perfect as he isn't that tall, he has the bulkiness to pull it off and he just screams Wolverine. Tom Hardy's acting ability has come a long way, his outstanding performance in Inception is what really put him on the map and most recently his performance in Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best of the year. I think that if Fox does decide to re-boot the X-Men universe then Tom Hardy should be the man at the top of the list for Wolverine. Will he be as legendary as Hugh Jackman? No, nobody will, but he can be great for the X-Men moving forward!

Fox needs to do it!

If Hugh Jackman puts in the good word for Tom Hardy I definitely think Fox should take him into consideration. Jackman could train him and refine him to give us a brand new, amazing Wolverine experience. Hugh Jackman is a legend and it saddens me to see him go, but if I we can't have Jackman I think Tom Hardy may be the next best thing! DO IT!


Do you agree with Hugh Jackman? Should Tom Hardy play Wolverine?

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