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The good folks over at Dorkly brought to our attention a half-disturbing half-amazing fan theory that PETA won't be overly happy with. In fact, if this were to be true, a lot of kids who fell in love with this film probably wouldn't be too happy either. Like all of these theories, take it with a grain of salt - as always.

Let's just say, it's not going to be easy for Sven to "let it go" if this theory is true: it states that Kristoff is actually wearing the fur from Sven the reindeer's mother.

Let me explain...

Sven is Kristoff's loyal reindeer in the film, and he mostly does whatever he says knowing that he might stop getting fed carrots if he ever betrays him. Sven's friendship with his master is a lot darker than you may at first think, though, once you realize that Kristoff is more than likely wearing reindeer fur.

I mean, even if it's not reindeer fur, it's still another furry animal and that is equally as depressing. Dorkly reminds us though, "Kristoff is considered to be Sami, an indigenous Scandinavian people who happen to use reindeer fur in their traditional clothing."

But that's only the tip of the proverbial ice berg.

Kristoff has been wearing reindeer fur for quite some time - ever since childhood, really. You may recall the opening scene which features a young Kristoff and Sven (adorable) palling around with some ice miners. Of course, Kristoff was an orphan adopted by the trolls.

Sven remains loyal to Kristoff, not just because they are friends, but because he's wearing the fur of his mother and that's the only thing that remains of her after she was (likely) killed by some hunters. Don't let your kids see this theory, please. For the love of God!

Check out this video of Anna punching Hans just in case you are too sad to think of what you should do.

(Via: Dorkly)


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