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Anticipation for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno has been high and with very good reason. The film started its rounds at film festivals, where it exposed its viewers to an overlooked genre of horror. Fast forward two years later, and the film is finally getting its theatrical debut. The journey to get the film to the big screen has been a long one, but to lovers of the horror genre—the wait was definitely to die for.

During the final stop of the ‘Fan Appreciation Tour,’ I had a brief moment to chat with Roth as he signed promotional posters for The Green Inferno. Roth may have directed some of the most gruesome scenes to ever hit the big screen, but you would never expect it while you’re talking to him. Roth’s love for his work was radiant as he expressed his joy on directing the film, but don’t be fooled by his humble words; The Green Inferno is not a film to bring your frail grandmother to!

Before the film began, Roth took an opportunity to talk with the audience in attendance and briefly expressed his hopes that the audience would love the film.

Based on the cheers, the laughs, and the groans the film received during the screening, it’s a safe bet that audiences fell in love with Roth’s abnormal creation.

The film itself starts off tame with some comedic moments before turning into a dark, and very, very bloody roller coaster. The sudden change in tone comes out of no where, as if Roth purposefully intended to reel in the audience, just to jerk their insides violently from side to side. It doesn't take long for the gore to make its glorious entrance and it is magnificently spectacular. The Green Inferno could have only come out of Eli Roth's twisted mind. He, like the film, is truly one of a kind.

While The Green Inferno may appear as the typical splatter film, it is far from it. Will there be splatters of blood? Heck yeah! But the film also has a generous blend of emotion, comedy, and horror that will surely appeal to a variety of viewers. In other words, if you like to see guts flying, blood sizzling, and are curious about cannibalistic meals, well, let's just say you're in for an extraordinarily bloody treat.

The Green Inferno premieres in theaters September 25, 2015.


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