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Take any Disney film from the past decade -- any one at all -- and you'll likely find Brad Bird's name in the credits. From humble animator to director/producer/screenwriter/actor, Bird has defined what many consider the "Dream" in entertainment, working his way to the top with heartfelt stories and memorable films under his pen.

His earliest work is a fairytale to so many -- serving as executive consultant asn sheet director on The Simpsons, where so many talented creators came from in the late 80's and 90's. From the smash-hit film The Iron Giant for Warner Bros, to Disney's heartfelt tale of a rodent with amazing culinary talent, Ratatouille, Bird built his career on incredible storytelling and moments that make your heart sink, then bring it back up again.

Still, one of his most beloved titles reached beyond the standard Disney fair and stretched boldly into the superhero spectrum (arguably at the new franchise phenomena's early beginnings), The Incredibles. Bird is at the helm of the highly anticipated 2016 sequel, and continues to serve as a voice of creativity and progression within the film industry. Most recently, Bird wrapped up Tomorrowland, which premiered earlier this year -- and, if you listen closely, you'll catch his cameo as the monorail narrator in Jurassic World.

So here's to you, Mr. Brad Bird, for your tireless work and your incredible prowess in your craft - happy birthday!


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