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After years of persistent rumours it has now been confirmed that the most keenly anticipated sequel in Scottish cinematic history is finally in the pipeline. Trainspotting, It's iconic Iggy Pop inspired soundtrack, unique characters and "choose life" exploded on to the movie scene in 1996. And if everything goes to plan the sequel should be released next year to mark it's 20th anniversary.

Danny Boyle has confirmed that plans are afoot and that he will again direct the film that will be based on the Irvine Welsh book "porno". Speaking at the Telluride film festival in colarado also said that all four main actors, including Ewan McGregor, Robbie Carlyle, are due to return.

Trainspotting is one of the most original and remarkable movies of it's time, an absolute masterpiece that propelled it's stars from unknown Scottish actors into A-list Hollywood icons. A brilliant plot and a group of loveable but flawed characters set in a gritty Scottish town to a back drop of a 10 year Heroin epidemic in the country that had really started to hit it's peak years.

Despite the bleak setting and storyline it is still one of the most enjoyable films to watch with some iconic scenes and hilarious moments to boot. It pretty much summed up the feelings and situations of a generation of Scots and perfectly captured the climate of the time. It changed the face of the British film industry overnight and hailed as a classic all over the world. If the sequel can have anywhere near the same success or cultural impact of the original then it is bound to be an absolute cracker.

Only thing standing in their way now is other work commitments with Jonny Lee Miller, who plays sick boy, playing a lead role in the Sherlock Holmes drama "Elementary and Robert Carlyle, who plays the violent Glaswegian drunk Begbie, is a regular in once upon a time. If the follow up to Trainspotting has as much of an impact as the original then it will be like a fairy tail come true for a generation of movie fans.


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