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Is it just me, or has there been a whopping number of unreal shark encounters in the news lately? It might just be the ubiquity of social media and the fact that everyone has a camera in their pocket now, but the conspiracy-minded side of me wants to believe that the sharks are cooking up something good for us. And by "good," I mean "unmistakably terrifying."

First, there were the hilarious reactions from Australian news anchors who saw footage of a massive shark leaping out of the water.

Then, there was that diver who recklessly opted to high-five one of these aquatic predators and left the ocean without a scratch on him.

Now, there's Instagram footage of a diver who wasn't so lucky, but he still chose to share his shark encounter with the world.

Graphic Content Warning: This short clip shows a ghastly injury that should not be seen by the faint of heart. If you are planning on going in the ocean at all in the near future (as in, the next ten years), you may want to reconsider watching.

A diver survived a gruesome attack from a tiger shark and immediately hit record

While swimming in Kohala's Upolu Point in Hawaii, surfer John Braxton was attacked by a tiger shark that took a humongous chunk out of his leg.

The 27-year-old said the shark was over 13-feet long and, judging by the carnage, it was clearly a reckless opponent.

While being rushed into an ambulance by some frazzled friends and hopefully some paramedics, John flips on his camera and records the horrible aftermath with remarkable calm.

No tears here

As shocking as the actual bloody hole is, I must say that I'm floored by just how calm John seems to be throughout the ordeal. Part of it must be the shock, but I'm really hoping that this good spirit means a speedy recovery and no lasting issues.

John was airlifted to North Hawaii Community hospital, and there's been no official word on his condition improving. I'm hoping that we will soon see a follow-up video of John with a smile on his face, potentially watching Jaws.

(Source: Instagram)


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