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If there's one thing that the new kids in the Star Wars galaxy are doing it, it's making us fall completely head-over-heels with their delightful, humble personalities, and the massive amounts of fanboy/fangirl delight that both John Boyega and Daisy Ridley have been expressing in response to joining the franchise. With the secrets slowly spilling out, the two new faces have more space to talk about their experiences (spoiler-free, of course) and share their thoughts on their social channels.

In the latest issue of GQ, Boyega opens up in a charming interview cut between a few lovely new images of the actor, who got his start as the leading man in 2011's Attack the Block.

One such moment of charm involves tears shed over a Star Wars script, and it's hard to blame the actor for the way he felt -- because all of us would be right there with him, and I'll gladly admit that.

When I read the script I cried, and I'm not really a big crier... I'm more like a frog-in-the- throat kind of guy, who'll try to hold it in and make sure I don't let it all out.
John Boyega in GQ
John Boyega in GQ

Boyega opens up about Finn's journey, and the insane seven-month auditioning process that he had to endure in order to score the role -- something that, perhaps, only Apple Store employees will understand.

I was unleashed into seven months of auditions. It was like The X Factor but without the TV show around it. It was intense... Finn is dope. His story is so epic. It's a story that's never been seen before, but it also mirrors the stories of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. And he's quirky and charismatic and funny. For me, he was the best character in the script.

Granted, his opinion might be a tad biased -- let's not forget Oscar Isaac's assertion that Poe Dameron is "the best frickin' pilot in the galaxy", something Han Solo might have words for -- especially given that Solo has history with Dameron's parents. (But you'll have to read Shattered Empire, out now from Marvel, in order to get that story)

You can catch more snippets from Boyega's interview here, but make sure to get the issue itself, out today on news stands.

[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) hits theaters on December 18th.


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