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The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a not-for-profit, free-to-enter online contest where celebrity guest judges will not only determine the Top 3 winners, but will also share their personal picks! Winners receive handcrafted official 15 second horror film challenge winner awards to go beside their future Oscar or Razzie along with surprise goodies ranging from props (someone's getting clown dolls), horror DVDs, music CDs, to gift baskets from our generous donations.

From left to right:'s guest judges include Kevin Martin of Straight to Video: the B-Movie Odyssey, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment, Jill Sixx, Ottawa ON's Audrey's Costume Castle, Barbie Wilde from Hellraiser II, Indie filmmaking guru Darious J. Britt, Nicholas Burman-Vince from Hellraiser, Chelsey Valentine, Hollywood Horror Museum, David F. Sandberg, Jennilee Murray, Lee Demarbre, Uwe Boll along with a few more surprises! Lloyd Kaufman will also broadcast the Top 10 onto his TromaMovies YouTube channel of over 100,000 subscribers. Submit to!

It's a melting pot of exposure where the experience isn't making the people, but the people are making the experience -- 15 seconds at a time!

But how can anyone tell a story in 15 seconds?! Filmmakers from globally have stepped up to the challenge, producing entries which will excite the casual horror fan and quench the hardcore. Here are 5 out of over 50 entries to premiere Halloween across social media platforms!

Knock Knock by Andrew J.D. Robinson starring Maura Stephens

Contaminated Water by Olivia Kitcher

Lullaby by Michael Horrigan starring Dan Demarbre

r3p0st by Ian Cessna

Hide & Go... by David Drape

Hide & Go... deserves a special note where it captures the heart of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge -- a low-budget afternoon shoot produced by a father & son picking up their home video camera, having fun. We can only hope, no matter what camera, cast, crew, incentive, or craftsmanship is at work that our filmmakers have the Halloween spirit in them!

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