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When talking about a Nancy Meyers film, let us never forget to mention that she has quite the knack for writing strong female characters, or at the very least, female characters that are not cliches. The Intern is no exception. Anne Hathaway's character, Jules, is the epitome of "the progressive woman". She is the tough as nails founder of an online shopping start-up company that is rapidly growing, wife to a stay at home dad (yes, you heard me right), and seemingly ignorant to the lives around her as she is so consumed by her work.

As stated before, her company is growing exponentially to the point where the increased workload has become overwhelming. Fortunately, a new internship program has recently begun. Now, this is no ordinary internship, this internship is based around hiring senior citizens. As a way to sort of, accumulate them into this new world that is becoming more and more foreign to the average senior. So in comes Robert DeNiro's character, Ben, a former company man who recently retired and has been itching for something new to do.

Ben sends in a video application that is beloved by the staff and is quickly hired and subsequently chosen to work alongside Jules (who is "not really good with old people"). As their work relationship builds, Ben begins to take on more responsibilities, so much to where he gets involved in Jules' personal life and becomes sort of a confidant to her, and a very real friendship emerges.

So now you have a general idea of what the movie is about, let's get into this review. I'll go into five aspects of this film that I think are pertinent to the foundation of this movie and its successes and/or failures in those categories.

Is The Intern funny?

IMDb lists The Intern solely as a comedy, but I personally see it as more of a dramedy. I think that this movie certainly has the premise of a comedy but doesn't deliver on it completely. Now don't get me wrong there are some funny parts, but there are only two scenes where I remember literally laughing out loud. One scene involves a masseuse, and the other involves a laptop. Apart from those to scenes, the jokes just didn't really hit my funny bone. The majority of the comedic elements seemed too cliche and at the most put a smile on my face but not much more. So to answer the question, "Is The Intern funny?"...... Apart from two scenes, not really.

Are the dramatic elements emotionally involving?

Now this is where my earlier comment on how this movie is really a dramedy plays in. Though there aren't loads, there is a revelation towards the third act that brings in to real drama, and I believe it was handled very well. As the big reveal presented itself, it was at that point that I thought this movie was going to lose me, and as the fallout of the event began happening, everything after would be garbage. But then I was utterly surprised. The drama that transpires actually turned out to be one of my favorite things about the movie as I look back at it. Nancy Meyers (writer & director) did a great job making the characters vulnerable to the point where you actually felt for them if something happened, so kudos to her on that. At one moment I actually teared up just a little bit. They were manly tears though, don't worry. So, "Are the dramatic elements emotionally involving?"...... Yes, more than I anticipated.

How was the acting?

When you bring together two actors like Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, you expect great performances across the board as everyone working around them will want to up their game. Overall, the performances were fine, nothing profoundly amazing, and nothing unspeakably bad. Given that this is a comedy, it's more about timing than it is about bringing a tour de force acting chops. Robert DeNiro's performance was fine, but he wasn't really given much to do. He was just the wise, nice old man from a bygone era who is constantly underestimated. Anne Hathaway's performance stood out to me more than any, as based on the trailers I thought it was going to be cliche and one-dimensional, but she brought some depth to a character that could have easily been unlikable and boring. There are a few dramatic scenes where some of the characters are asked to flex their acting muscles but not many. So, "How was the acting?"...... It was good, no more no less.

Is this movie worth watching again?

This is a question that I always ask myself when doing a review, as it is a simple yes or no question, yet it reveals much about the quality of the film. Though the movie was fun and I didn't hate it (in fact, I actually liked it), I can't say it's worth another look. It just doesn't have anything more to offer me upon a second viewing. So, "Is this movie worth watching again?"...... No.

Was The Intern enjoyable?

Prior to actually seeing the movie, I was unimpressed by the trailers and expected to be begging for the credits before I died in the theater. But I was actually pleasantly surprised. This movie kept a fun energy throughout its run-time and kept me entertained, even if it might have been mildly. At best, this is a date movie, and not a bad one. So, "Was The Intern enjoyable?"...... Yes, very. Just don't give it unreal expectations.

Final Thoughts

Guys, remember that this review is just one man's opinion. Don't let me keep you from seeing the movie. I encourage you to go out and make your own critique of it. Don't be a drone.


Will you be going to see The Intern?


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