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Stephen Adamson

If you got the most recent Snapchat update - and perhaps, even if you didn't - you may have noticed the new filters that are available and can be used to make you throw-up rainbows, get googly eyes, become a demon, and much, much more.

One of the best results of these new features is the human reaction to it. Specifically the small humans who got in contact with the app's latest update.

Without further ado...

Kids getting scared sh*tless by the new Snapchat features

She wasn't too happy about that creepy face her mom was making... at least, on camera she was.

This girl didn't really mind, though...

This kid wasn't feeling it... AT all

Poor kid.

This little girl on the other hand had fun with it

What a time to be alive... technology!

(Via: Buzzfeed)


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