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Satanism and Cats

The eighth series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who began on 23 August 2014 with "Deep Breath" and ended with "Death in Heaven" on 8 November 2014. The series was officially ordered on 20 May 2013, and led by head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, alongside executive producer Brian Minchin. Nikki Wilson, Peter Bennett and Paul Frift served as producers. The series is the eighth to air following the programme's revival in 2005, and is the thirty-fourth season overall. It is also the first series since series five not to be split into two parts.

  • "Deep Breath" (7/10)

When a dinosaur materialises alongside the Houses of Parliament in Victorian London, the Doctor's old friends the Paternoster Gang are relieved when he arrives, seemingly to deal with the creature. However, they soon realise that the Doctor is the one in need of help; newly regenerated, extremely volatile and questioning his self-worth, this is a very different man from the one they last saw. The only person that may be able to help him is Clara, and she is still grappling with losing the Doctor she knew and loved. After the spontaneous combustion of the dinosaur, the Doctor takes on the case of whoever killed the time-travelling beast. The Doctor has an internal battle with himself, pondering where his new face came from. The Doctor and Clara are called to a restaurant, only to find out all the other customers are androids. After discovering the robots' hidden spaceship, and their long-term goal of reaching a "promised land", the Doctor confronts their leader, who falls to its death from an airship, though it is unclear whether he fell as part of a self-destruct mechanism or if the Doctor pushed him. Clara receives a phone call from the previous Doctor, and is convinced to join the Twelfth Doctor on his journeys. Meanwhile, the Half-Face Man awakes in a mysterious place, greeted by an equally-curious woman named Missy.

  • "Into the Dalek" (8/10)

The Doctor saves Journey Blue, a rebel fighter, from her space shuttle, which is under attack by Daleks, but is unable to save her brother. Upon returning her to her rebel ship, the Doctor then drags Clara away from a potential date with Danny Pink, her new colleague at Coal Hill School, and is thrown into the most dangerous place in the universe: the inside of a Dalek. The Doctor and Clara, along with a team of rebels aboard the Aristotle, a military station in space, are miniaturised and sent into "Rusty", a Dalek that has turned good. At the Dalek's power centre, the Doctor discovers a large crack, which he deduces is causing the malfunction within the Dalek. He uses his sonic screwdriver to seal the crack, but their meddling has a terrible outcome, causing the Dalek to realise its true cause again. It sends a message to the rest of the Daleks, giving them the base's location. The mysterious Missy and "Heaven" once more make an appearance after Gretchen sacrifices herself to allow Clara and Journey access to the mind of Rusty. In an attempt to show Rusty the beauty of the universe, the Doctor connects his mind with that of the Dalek's. Rusty, however, sees the Doctor's hatred for the Daleks and is inspired by this instead, deciding to exterminate his own race. After the battle, Rusty calls the Doctor a "good Dalek", and the Doctor and Clara leave, with Clara returning to her date.

  • "Robot of Sherwood" (4/10)

Treating Clara to an expedition of her choice, the Doctor takes her to the twelfth century to prove that her childhood hero, Robin Hood, doesn't exist. He is stunned when he stumbles upon a gang of outlaws, led by a man claimed to be the great hero himself. The Doctor duels with Robin Hood with a spoon, and remains in disbelief even as Robin takes the two to meet his band of Merry Men. Robin takes part in an archery contest against the Sheriff of Nottingham, splitting the arrow to claim a prize of a golden arrow. The Doctor challenges Robin before impatiently blowing up the target, causing the Sheriff to order his arrest. Robin defends the Doctor, but after slicing the arm off of one of the guards, it is revealed that they are robots. After the capture of the Doctor, Clara and Robin, Clara is taken to the Sheriff to act as the trio's leader, where she finds out that the Sheriff witnessed a spaceship crash and has been trying to repair it by collecting all the gold in the nearby land, so that he can use it to travel to London and take over the kingdom. The Doctor and Robin escape their prison, where Robin demands that Clara reveal who exactly the Doctor is. Robin Hood defeats the Sheriff in a sword fight, and after allowing the robots' spaceship to detonate harmlessly in the atmosphere, the Doctor and Robin Hood part ways, after which Maid Marian is reunited with Robin.

  • "Listen" (3/10)

After a failed date with Danny Pink, Clara returns to her home to find the Doctor awaiting her. He seeks a creature he believes to have perfected its ability to hide, that stalks humankind and is responsible for a dream common to all humans. Using the TARDIS' telepathic circuit, the duo end up in the mid-1990s, where Clara meets Danny Pink as a boy. The Doctor and Clara comfort Danny from his fear when an unknown entity enters the boy's room. After returning to her date with Danny and failing a second time, Clara returns to the TARDIS and meets Orson Pink, a distant descendant of Danny Pink, one of Earth's first time travelers stranded at the end of the universe. After a brief moment with the entity, Clara triggers the TARDIS' departure to an unknown barn, where she finds a crying child. Hiding beneath the bed, she realises that the child is the Doctor in his younger years. When the boy gets out of the bed, Clara accidentally grabs his leg, and she realises that she is the monster under the bed. She comforts him with the notion of fear being a constant companion that can bring out the good in him, where one day he'll return to the barn during the moment of his greatest fear. Clara leaves, forcing the Doctor to not see where they had been. Clara and Danny reconcile, and the Doctor rejects the notion of the unknown entity ever existing.

"Time Heist" (6/10)

The TARDIS' phone rings in Clara's apartment, and the Doctor and Clara find themselves in a strange chamber suffering from memory loss along with Psi the augmented human and Saibra the mutant human. They have been recruited by 'The Architect' to rob the Bank of Karabraxos, the most impregnable bank vault in the universe. The quartet collect the tools required for their heist, before witnessing a mysterious alien named the Teller turn the brain of a criminal to 'soup' with its psychic abilities. Saibra is later caught by the Teller, and activates an atomic disintegrater to avoid the pain of the Teller's brain scan. Psi soon follows when caught by the Teller, and Clara and the Doctor gain access to the vaults of the bank. They gain the rewards of their heist from the vault, and proceed to the Private Vault, but not before regaining contact with Psi and Saibra who were actually teleported. The four find that the private vault is home to Director Karabraxos, and the Doctor gives her his number before she leaves the bank as it is destroyed by the solar storm. The Doctor regains his lost memories back from the Teller, revealing himself as the Architect, and unveiling the goal of the heist – to rejoin the Teller with the only other one of its species. The Doctor takes the two aliens away to live out their lives, and returns Saibra and Psi to their homeworlds, and Clara to her flat for her date.

  • "The Caretaker" (5/10)

Clara is trying to maintain two separate lives: one as the Doctor's companion, and the other as a school teacher in a romantic relationship with Danny Pink. The Doctor tells her that he's going deep undercover, disguising himself as a temporary caretaker at her school (Coal Hill). Tracking a Skovox Blitzer, which vaporised a community support officer, CSO Matthew and is one of the deadliest machines created, he plans to displace it a billion years into the future where nothing else can be harmed. The Doctor meets Danny without realising he's Clara's partner, instead believing that Adrian, another teacher who reminds him of his previous incarnation, is the one that Clara is romantically interested in. The Doctor treats Danny with disdain after finding out that he was a soldier. Suspicious of the Doctor, Danny accidentally tampers with his trap, and the Skovox Blitzer is only sent seventy-four hours into the future. The Doctor learns of Danny's relationship with Clara, and Danny about Clara's double life, leading them to argue. When the Skovox Blitzer rematerialises earlier than the Doctor initially estimated, the three work together to trick it in to deactivating itself. Danny warns Clara about the Doctor pushing her into reckless and dangerous actions, and tells her that he can help her if she needs it. CSO Matthew awakens in the "Promised Land", being greeted by Seb, Missy's assistant.

  • "Kill the Moon" (1/10)

The Doctor takes Clara and Courtney on a trip, where they arrive in 2049 on a Space Shuttle to the Moon with one hundred nuclear bombs. Noting the Moon's higher gravity and meeting Captain Lundvik, the Doctor questions her, where he's told that her team are on a suicide mission to blow up the Moon. A sudden mass high tide had threatened humanity's existence, the cause being the Moon. Their mission was the only way to save the planet. Colonists are found entombed in spider webs, and the Doctor finds through the readings that had previously been taken, noting an increase in the Moon's mass - the cause of the sudden tidal shift. A spider-like being attacks the group, and the Doctor realises that they are only germs. The Doctor determines that the Moon is an egg, with the creature inside ready to hatch. The Doctor abandons them, forcing Lundvik and Clara to decide on their own. They call upon Earth to make the decision, receiving an unanimous vote to save the Earth. Clara intervenes and stops the bombs' countdown, and the Doctor rescues them from the Moon. From Earth, they watch the creature hatch and the shell disintegrate, with the creature laying a new egg as a new Moon. Clara angrily confronts the Doctor, claiming that it was his decision to make too, since Earth is important in his life as well. She leaves the TARDIS and the Doctor, to be comforted by Danny.

  • "Mummy on the Orient Express" (10/10)

Clara rejoins the Doctor for one last outing before she leaves the TARDIS and the Doctor for good. They arrive on a train named the Orient Express which travels through space, a distant future remake of the famous train. The Doctor soon discovers that an elderly woman has recently been murdered by a creature only she could see – she described it as an Egyptian 'Mummy'. The Doctor insists that she died of old age, but when a member of the kitchen staff dies in the same way, the Doctor realises that the 'Mummy' (known as the Foretold) is invisible to all but the one that it is about to kill. Once it is seen, it kills its victim in exactly sixty-six seconds. The train's computer program, 'Gus', reveals to the Doctor that he has tasked him to capture the Foretold or face the death of innocents. The Doctor takes the consciousness of the Foretold's next victim to see it, and discovers that it is a dead soldier powered by future technology with unfinished business. The Doctor discharges the soldier by surrendering, and the train's occupants are saved. Gus declares that the survival of the train's occupants is not required, and begins removing the train's air supply. The Doctor uses the future technology from the Foretold to teleport the train's occupants to safety, just before the train explodes. After a conversation with the Doctor about whether or not he is really cold-hearted, Clara decides she is not ready to leave him yet, and they set off on further adventures together.

"Flatline" (10/10)

Arriving in Bristol, the Doctor and Clara find the TARDIS has shrunk on the outside. Clara gets out to investigate the area, while the Doctor stays in the TARDIS until it has shrunk down to a handheld size, theorising that something was leeching its external dimensions. Clara encounters a young graffiti artist named Rigsy, and communicating through an earpiece, the Doctor tells Clara that the thing they are facing is an alien from a universe that's solely two-dimensional. The creatures have achieved the ability to make 3D objects 2D, and Clara, Rigsy, and community service people attempt to run from the creatures. The Doctor is soon able to create a device that can change the dimensions of objects similarly to the creatures. However, the TARDIS cannot function with a lack of dimensions, and the Doctor powers it down into a 'siege' mode. The creatures have also learned to make themselves 3-dimensional, and assume demented guises of the people they have absorbed into two-dimensions. With the help of Rigsy, Clara is able to trick the creatures into powering the TARDIS once more and restoring it to regular size. The Doctor uses its power to send the creatures back into their dimension. Clara and the Doctor part ways with Rigsy, and after she asks if she was a good doctor, he tells her that she was an exceptional doctor in his place but goodness had nothing to do with it.

  • "In the Forest of the Night" (2/10)

Maebh, a young girl, is running through a forest when she comes across the TARDIS. She knocks and is answered by the Doctor, who realises that a forest has grown over London. Meanwhile in London Museum, Clara and Danny lead a group of kids out into the new forest after a museum sleepover. Clara immediately calls the Doctor, who reveals he is already aware of the forest and tells Clara to meet him in Trafalgar Square. Upon arrival they attempt to figure out the truth behind the forest, and the Doctor realises Maebh is missing, and he and Clara set out to find her. Following a trail she has left, they find her, only to be cornered by and rescued from wolves and a tiger which have escaped the zoo. The Doctor realises Maebh is behind what's going on, and uses the sonic to get the trees to speak through her. They reveal an extinction-level solar flare is heading towards Earth. Heading back to the TARDIS, the Doctor offers an escape route. Clara says she would never leave Danny, Danny would never leave the kids, and the kids would miss their parents. The Doctor leaves, before realising the trees have grown to protect Earth like a giant airbag and the solar flare wouldn't kill anyone. He heads back to Earth, where he recruits the kids to send a message to the world to not destroy the trees. The solar flare passes by harmlessly and the excess trees disappear, their job done.

  • "Dark Water"/"Death in Heaven" (7/10)

While Clara attempts to gain the courage to tell Danny about her life with the Doctor, Danny is hit by a car and is killed. Clara is comforted by her family, until she calls the Doctor. She attempts to blackmail the Doctor into saving Danny by throwing the TARDIS keys into a volcano one by one. The Doctor removes her from the dream state he placed on her and uses her memories for the TARDIS to find Danny. They are brought to a facility named 3W, in which skeletons are contained in a blue liquid. Elsewhere, Danny is being consoled by Seb for his death. The Doctor opens an information book, read by a hiding Missy, who claims that she is a droid. Meeting Doctor Chang, he explains that the dead are conscious and also shows them "dark water", a substance which can only display organic material. Meanwhile, Missy awakens the skeletons and the tanks begin to drain. Clara talks with Danny, and she tries to find proof of his identity, but Danny refuses to let her be with him in death, so Clara ends the call. The Doctor and Chang exit into the hallway to see the tanks drain, revealing the skeletons are actually Cybermen. The Doctor and Missy exit and find themselves on the steps of St Paul's cathedral. The Cybermen begin to march out of the cathedral, and Missy tells him that his efforts to evacuate are pointless, and that Missy is short for Mistress, revealing that she is the Master. As part of Missy's plans, Cybermen detonate themselves around Britain, releasing "Cyber pollen" that reincarnates and transforms the dead into Cybermen. Danny is one of these, and rescues Clara from 3W. UNIT bring the Doctor and Missy aboard a plane, where the Doctor is given control of Earth's armies as "President of the Earth". Osgood tells the Doctor that this is happening all over the world, and the clouds have not yet dispersed, the Doctor offers her a chance for "all of time and space" as his companion. With the help of the Cybermen, Missy overpowers UNIT, kills Osgood and blows up the plane. The Doctor survives by calling the TARDIS to him and reunites with Clara in a cemetery, where Clara has discovered the Cyberman who saved her is Danny. Danny reveals that a forecoming rainfall will convert all living people to Cybermen as well. Missy arrives and gifts the Doctor with control of all the Cybermen so he can conquer the universe. The Doctor refuses and gives control to Danny, who leads other Cybermen into exploding and stopping the rainfall. Missy is disintegrated by a final Cyberman, a reanimated Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. In the aftermath, Clara and the Doctor bid farewell with lies to each other: Clara tells the Doctor that Danny was brought back from the Nethersphere; in reality, he used his one chance to get out to revive a young boy he accidentally killed when he was a soldier, and the Doctor tells Clara he has found Gallifrey with coordinates Missy gave him; the coordinates actually led to empty space.


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