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We know that the Cullens have a soft spot for matriculation. Even though you couldn't pay me enough to be stuck in a perpetual state of teenage awkwardness, for some reason walking through the halls, eating cafeteria food, and going to class is a favorite past time of this vampire clan.

But in real life, the cast of Twilight ages just like the rest of us (celebs, they're just like us!). So what did the cast of Twilight look like when they were actually in high school? Here's what the stars of the vampy flick looked like before they became immortalized by the Twilight movies:

Robert Pattinson

Bring back the bowl cut, Rob!

Kristen Stewart

Little Kristen is cute as can be with her short tomboy haircut and crooked smile.

Taylor Lautner

Rocking the double polos and spiky hair, the epitome of 2000s fashion. I can respect that.

Ashley Greene

After seeing these photos I'm convinced Ashley Greene never had an awkward phase.

Kellan Lutz

Even wearing a long chain necklace and a ribbed sweater Kellan Lutz looks like he'd be the nicest guy in school.

Nikki Reed

Is Nikki Reed actually immortal? We might just have to wait 20 years or so to tell but all signs point to 'yes.'

Jackson Rathbone

Man bun or no man bun, Jackson Rathbone's smile is timeless.

Even without their bright brown eyes and sparkly skin, this is a pretty good looking gang! I guess if I looked that good when I was a teenager I wouldn't mind roaming the halls of my high school as much.


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