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The Star Wars books are canon now and these 3 new young adult novels are something not to be missed. Weapon of the Jedi, Moving Target and Smuggler's Run are the books Star Wars fans have been waiting for. This is how you add to the canon, especially in the Original Trilogy.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club Jedi Masters Matthew Rushing and John Mills dive into some of the new Star Wars books released on Force Friday. We talk about Weapon of the Jedi about Luke, Moving Target which is Leia’s story and Smuggler’s Run that is a Han and Chewie adventure. While each one of these books takes place in the Original Trilogy era they each include clues to the upcoming movie The Force Awakens. As we dissect each book we look for the clues as well as consider how each story adds to the canon knowledge of Luke, Leia and Han, ending with our final thoughts and ratings.

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