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The Squadron Supreme, while they may be Marvel's evil knock-off Justice League that represents Stan Lee's being out of ideas, is a super villain group I would love to see on the big screen one day. The most we've ever seen of this group is a much more modern version in Marvel's Avengers Assemble, and while there's practically no chance of seeing them in a movie, what if? What if we did? I'm here to share who I'd like to see in the roles, just because, at the risk of being redundant, what if?

Hyperion: Armie Hammer

Hyperion, for those of you who don't know (probably most of you) is basically the evil self-absorbed version of Superman. While Armie Hammer is not quite in Superman shape, if he bulked up to the preferred amount, he is the perfect type of person for this role. He's more of a smart-ass, he has the type of charm and smile needed for the vain super villain, and I'm certain that he would have no problem playing a character of such low profile.

Nighthawk: Zachary Quinto

Nighthawk is basically the evil genius version of Batman. And who is possibly more cut out for that than Zachary Quinto? He can play cold and calculating like no one else, he brings to life terrific villains, and as for his body type, he may be more of a match than you think! (Check out this article to see what I mean: From Affleck to Bale: Which of These Actors Are Physically the Best Batman? Let's Find Out!)

Zarda: Gal Gadot

Yeah, Zarda is the Squadron Supreme's version of Wonder Woman, and I swear that they modeled her likeness after Gal Gadot on Marvel's Avengers Assemble. It's super uncanny. If the role truly was modeled after Gadot, then shouldn't she get the part?

Speed Demon: Michael B. Jordan

While Speed Demon is practically The Flash, he's cocky, a smart-ass, obnoxious, and too fast for everyone else (alright, that last one's accurate). Who does this remind you of? That's right, The Human Torch. So why shouldn't he be played by The Human Torch? Michael B. Jordan has literally everything for this character!

Dr. Spectrum: Michael Ealy

Wrapping up the team is the evil version of Green Lantern, Dr. Spectrum, and who better for him than my personal choice for John Stewart? I mean, the real appeal to the character is his voice, and I think that Michael Ealy captures that perfectly. And for some reason if we ever see this character as his real persona and not Dr. Spectrum, then Ealy also has the perfect look.


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