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Stephen Adamson

Whenever you have some Disney Princess fan art that includes many Disney movies crossing over, the results are pretty much amazing no matter what. But in this case, I have to say that the ladies of Disney did each other a solid by letting one another borrow from their respective wardrobes.

The artist is Dylan Charles Bonner. So, without further ado, check out these outfit-swaps from the most popular Disney women out there!

Elsa as Ariel

Ariel as Cinderella

Tiana as Elsa

Cinderella as Tiana

Aurora as Jasmine

Rapunzel as Pocahontas

Snow White as Belle

Mulan as Merida

Jasmine as Snow White

Merida as Mulan

Pocahontas as Rapunzel

Belle as Aurora

Told you they were amazing!

(Via: E! Online)


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