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If you didn't catch it, the first teaser trailer for the Angry Birds movie was released yesterday. You can catch it here:

Now the teaser trailer was much more than a teaser and helped explain a lot of the plot of the show.

What We Understand about The Angry Birds Movie plot:

1. Red is Angry

This is pretty given for a movie based on the game Angry Birds but we get to know why. Why playing the mobile game, you are just thought that red, and the other birds, are angry because the pigs are taking over their land; however, the trailer reveals that this is NOT the case. Red is angry because he feels life has let him down in many ways. We especially see this in the beginning when Red is thought that he is being flirted on by some lady birds.

2. Red's friends try to help him

Chuck seems to be Red's ONLY friend. Chuck is the typical Josh Gad Comedy Character (and yes Chuck is played by Josh Gad) where he is there for comedy sakes but doesn't really move the action along. It appears that Chuck tries to stop Red from being so angry by inviting him to yoga, and presumably, signing him up for an Alcoholics Anonymous class for birds with anger issues.

3. The pigs take over

Duh? It's obvious that the (evil) pigs come to take over the bird's land.

How does this tie in with Wreck in Ralph?

There's going to be differences, obviously, but I see a similar overarching story.

The following has spoilers for Wreck it Ralph, which if you haven't seen, you probably should.

In Wreck it Ralph, we see Ralph doesn't like being the bad guy and having people dislike him for that job. He wants to be the hero of a game and get a medal for once. It only makes sense that for Red to be a likable protagonist, that he would want to change, he just doesn't know how.

The next similarity I see is the meeting for people who have troubles. For Red, it's anger management, for Ralph, he doesn't like being the bad guy. We meet Red and Ralph's friends in this meetings. For Ralph, we see the people that will be willing to be there for him; while, I believe that for Red he actually makes friends that help defeat the evil pigs.

And the final one, is something evil takes over. In Wreck It Ralph, a Cy-Bug takes over an "innocent" game called Sugar Rush; in The Angry Birds Movie, it's the pigs who take over.

Of course there will be differences!

One of them is that people won't know the pigs are bad, except Red who naturally doesn't trust them. Ralph knew that the Cy-Bugs were evil and not good for Sugar Rush.

It's going to be interesting to see how this hypothesis will turn out when The Angry Birds Movie hits theaters May 20th, 2016.


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