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"United we stand, divided we fall." a quote and/or phrase known throughout the world. First used in his Revolutionary War song, "The liberty Song." by founding father John Dickinson in 1768 then later shortened in a speech by politician Patrick Henry in 1799. Oh how times have changed and how people have forgotten it's true meaning or more so been brain washed into believing otherwise.

Race baiting has been a huge media outlet for a long time but over the past couple of years has gotten worse with all controversy surrounding everything from Trayvon Martin to the murders of police officers. For those of you who don't know what race baiting is, it's simply defined as the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people.

For example:

In this video this man explains perfectly what race baiting is, what it causes, and why that's a problem. He describes that by dividing us into classes, it gives some of us a sense of belonging over others and false hope towards a better life.

Take a look at this picture

Agree or disagree?
Agree or disagree?

Who do you believe the race baiter is? If you said the obvious answer you're wrong and very naive but if you considered the white police officer a racist you're also wrong. The artist is the race baiter here. Allow me to explain, clearly the black character in this sketch didn't have to point out the fact that the person shot in the back was black but he was, so he was just stating the obvious. Never stated the reason the officer shot him was because he was black. That was left for the viewer to assume and in doing so the artist achieved his/her goal, hook and reel you in; hence race baiting.

I believe we are the 99% and the 1% controls everything and maintains control using race baiting. By keeping us against each other with a false sense of hate for someone we don't even know, we will never unite as one and rise against them. Racism is alive and well in America, there's no denying that. However, it's only remained intact all these years by adding fuel to the fire. When a police officer shoots or beats up an unarmed African American, instead of focusing on police brutality the media says things like "Black teen shot." Focusing Americas attention on the color of his victims skin so that they assume the officer is a racist and further dividing us as one.

Believe what you'd like but there is a war going on, right in our own backyards and if something isn't done, sooner or later, it will brought to the streets and justice will be swift. I only hope that by then, we have realized who the real enemy is.


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