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Where to begin?...

Saints Row , where art thou? I need to get my fix of absolute chaos. Saint Row has been kind of dormant since the fourth installment and its conclusion, Gat Out of Hell. We were expecting a new title after the massive success with SR4 BUT nothing. So, WHERE ARE THE THIRD STREET SAINTS?

Where can this game take place?

Well, at the end of Saints Row 4, The saints found out Zin had the ability to go back in time and restore earth before its destruction. The series can then start from scratch all over again by fast forwarding immediately after the boss' term as president. Third Street Saints return to where they started in Stillwater recruiting new members , defeating newer younger more international gangs, and a new overall villain.

Three is better than One

Saints Row 5 can be very expansive with its setting. SR5 could have Stillwater, SteelPort and a new small town/city be connected to a larger place of chaos. The Saints still rule SteelPort and the ZIN forces but their focus is returning Stillwater to what it was for them and leaving it for the next generation of Saints

COOL WEAPONS minus the Powers

I liked the whole simulation and superpowers idea for Saints Row 4. It made sense to have that at the time but with Saint Row 5, it should be a back to basics game where old school gang bangin (In Johnny Gat voice) is the focus. The weapons for SR5 should very unique and very stylish much like SR3's weapons. If players want superpowers they need to beat the campaign and then play the game's campaign in a SUPER CHARGED mode where the powers are restored but the enemies are stronger as well.

Returning Characters/Settings

Of course, Johnny Gat must be there along with Shaundi, Pierece, Kinzie, Matt, Asha and CID. I would like to see Zimos and Oleg return and The Ronin need to make a comeback. Aisha makes a resurrection from the grave after the events of Gat out of the hell. The Cathedral makes a return as well as the Ultor building since the saints still owned Ultor.


Would YOU like a Back to Basics Saints Row Game?


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