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I just wrote that and I can't believe is actually true, but here we are, 12 season in and it still feels like I am new to this show, because even when I think I know all about it, it continues to surprise me.

Grey's Anatomy has always been more about the people, the stories and the emotional deep that each actor can deliver with just a glance, a movement or a line, and the premiere of season 12 of this Shonda Rimes creation, leaves me happy in the end.

I won't say I have forgotten, the sorrow that it caused me to have Derek Shepherd die during the course of season 11, is right there with the horror that I felt when Lexie died at the end of season 8. Oh my god, all those tears that Grey's have made me shed over the course of a decade. And tonight it wasn't the exception.

Although I didn't cry my eyes out, I did become a little emotional when the main patients in this story turned out to be a couple in turmoil. One of the many pairs that tonight were on the edge. Two teenagers, beautiful and young girls who love each other are not only bullied by their peers about their feelings, but also reprimanded by their parents, particularly the mother of one of them... Jess' mother.

Feeling like they had no other way out, these girls try to end their lives, but sadly for them, these plans were not only foiled by the amazing emergency team of paramedics that transport them to Grey-Sloan, but also by the amazing doctors in the hospital. Doctors that do get into trouble by becoming too invested with their patients. Exhibit A) Callie calls out Jess' mother for being the reason that her daughter is in the hospital, the teenager wanted to avoid being sent to a camp that would "change her". Exhibit B) Maggie Pierce couldn't stand anymore the abusive behaviour of Jess' mother and then proceeds to punch her in the face.

After they saved both girl's lives, the doctors casually "arrange" an encounter among the understanding widow-single father of Alysa (Jess' S.O) and Jess's Dad. A very mature and much more understanding man that delivers one of the best lines of the episode, stating to his annoying wife that he doesn't mind if Jess is gay or not, he just wants her to be happy. That's love!

I have to confess that this story moved me. I hope those two do get to live an imaginary wonderful life in the Seattle created by Shonda Rimes. And, in other stories. Mer, Amelia and Maggie learned how to communicate and starting to live together in peace. Although I'm sure this won't be the end of their sibling conflicts, it at least shows that even when you don't understand the people around you sometimes, it doesn't mean that you don't love them.

Without a doubt this wasn't the strongest of Grey's Anatomy premieres, but it concluded showing that now the show lives up to its name since Dr. Meredith Grey is now the official teacher of the anatomy class. There you have it; we have come full circle people. And now all we have to do is watch as season 12 evolves. Welcome back my persons... welcome back.


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