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I'm sure it's been marked on your calendar for months, ya' big nerd, but if you didn't know... September 26th is Batman Day.

That's right, an entire day devoted to one of DC's most iconic heroes, the Dark Knight himself. Well, almost. Technically, it's also International Day For The Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, World Contraception Day, the International Day of Languages, National Dumpling Day and the International Day of the Rabbit. However, this is Batman we're talking about! A fictional masked hero named after a flying rodent is way more interesting than a dumpling, right?!

If you are lucky, there may be some official festivities nearby, as lots of comic book shops are celebrating and DC Entertainment is even hosting a meet-and-greets with Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, David Finch and more.

However, if there's nothing already happening, or if you just hate the thought of leaving the house and *shudder* socializing in a crowd of strangers, it's up to you to make your own fun. Batman-themed fun.

There ain't no party like a comic nerd party 'cause a comic nerd party... usually involves obsessive planning and themed cocktails.

1. Batman Cake

A party isn't a party without cake (unless you are a frat boy), so get baking up one of these amazing sweet treats for your friends.

This tutorial by Pinch of Luck shows you how to create a Batman cake with an incredible yellow and black cross section showing the Bat-symbol. It's also got templates to help you with the decoration, and it uses boxed mix, so you don't actually have to learn how to bake.

You can also find hundreds of inspirational images for decorating a plain vanilla or chocolate cake online; Batman himself, Gotham, the symbol, and even this adorable little Bat-minion for mashup nerds. Get inspired and take advantage of online templates to build your cake masterpiece!

2. Batman Snacks

Cake is delicious, but let's not forget about the rest of the food!

Check out these Batman-themed food labels, and add them to whichever nibbles you want to create. Half-dip pretzels to make them "Two-Face Pretzels," give people an excuse to put Bugles on their fingers by calling them "Catwoman Claws," re-name chicken wings "Batwings"... you get the idea.

3. Comic Cocktails

There are so many incredible Batman-inspired cocktails out there, proving that it's not just little kids who want a vigilante-themed shindig.

The Joker
The Joker

Check out BuzzFeed's compilation list here, with offerings like the 'Bruce Wayne,' a coffee and bourbon mix, or the 'Poison Ivy' a basil and mint gin drink.

Harley Quinn's Ace via The Drunken Moogle
Harley Quinn's Ace via The Drunken Moogle

There are plenty of other places with Batman-themed cocktails, however: check out The Drunken Moogle for more ideas, or just do what I do and call your Manhattan a Gotham for the night!

4. Decorating the Bat-Cave

If you are already a huge Batman-fan, with artwork on the walls and an ornamental Batarang or two on the bookcase, you might just get away without it. Otherwise, time to make your home a little more Gotham-esque.

Sling capes on the back of chairs, hang balloons or lanterns in yellow and black, and dress the table with candle holders, gold cutlery, and white and gold plates. There are so many phenomenal ideas from party planners and artistic parents to prove that a superhero party isn't just about plastic tablecloths and face painting.

5. All the Extras

Sure, you can have a great party with just food and drinks, but why limit yourself? Break out the video games for a tournament, dust off DVDs for some background watching (why are your DVDs dusty, by the way? You should be re-watching Batman movies all the time!), and set up some more silly things for friends to indulge in.


Set up a Gotham-style backdrop (here's where those party store tablecloths come in handy!) and make some printable masks and signs for friends to create a DIY photo booth. If you want to get a little nostalgic, how about a homemade "Pin the Emblem on the Dark Knight?" And, of course, everyone loves a candy bar...

Now Get Partying!

Some people also celebrate Batman day in May, to mark the anniversary of his first appearance, but why not celebrate both? You should never need an excuse to bake a Batman cake, but having one is nice...


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