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Next year is going to be LEGENDARY for Superhero movies, Marvel and DC alike. With "Deadpool", with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the Merck with the mouth, being released Valentine's Day weekend next year, and "Suicide Squad", featuring the first live-action portrayal of Harley Quinn and the Joker together, being released August 2016, it hard not to fantasize about all of the time we're going to spend inside dark theaters next year.

But after years of studio executives playing with the hearts of fan worldwide, we have finally taken matters into our own hands. Instead of waiting to Fan-Favorite Characters onscreen, Comic book Lovers are using their own ingenuity to make what they want to see.

It has long been theorized what would happen if Harley Quinn and Deadpool ever met. Some guess their would be fighting, while others think their clothes would hit the floor shortly after they dropped their weapons.

But what would Dear, Old "Mister J" think about Harley's new man? And what would Deadpool's partner, Domino, think of him slacking off on the job? All of these questions and more were answered when the YouTube Channel BatInTheSun asked their fans who they though would win in a fight between the two pairs, Joker and Harley versus Domino and Deadpool. After tallying their results, director/actor Aaron Schoenke filmed the crossover battle of the century.

More content created with this much care and admiration is going to make the next few months of waiting a lot more bearable. Make sure to go to BatInTheSun for more fantastically made, nerdy content.


Do you think that the right Dangerous Duo won?


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