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We live in an age that recycling is encouraged for everything. Sadly this recycle craze has spilled over into cinema as well. About every ten years it seems theaters are packed with recycled and rebooted material and not all of them are diamonds. Inglorious Basterds was one exception but sadly Tarantino can't do them all.

The Toxic Avenger.

Jersey...of course.
Jersey...of course.

The Toxic Avenger is a story about a man who falls into a vat of waste and turns into a benevolent monster. The plot line should speak for itself. The amount of fail in the first film released in 1987 should have prevented a sequel, but sadly didn't. Lets leave this as it should be, dead and in the past.

He-Man and/or The Masters of The Universe.

We have tried to forget Frank Langella was in this.
We have tried to forget Frank Langella was in this.

Courtney Cox, a magical cosmic key, and He-Man, sounds more akin to a porn rather a serious move. In any case the movie wasn't that bad. Yeah we can leave this in the past.

Space Ghost. Ren & Stimpy. Thundercats.

Some things are best in their original prime. These shows were perfect as they were. Reboots would ruin what these shows are, classic.

Alex Ross is one of the best comic artists.
Alex Ross is one of the best comic artists.

How about a reboot that would be great if done right?

Dick Tracy.

Dick Tracy would be a fantastic adaptation for the modern cinema. Going back to the mid to late 1950's would set a different tone for comic book movies in the sea of flash from DC and Disney. Older than Batman by almost a decade, Dick Tracy has a continued comic strip in various publications today. Going for a spin on the comedic traits of the story, a nice realistic approach to the classic characters would sit well with me. Who wouldn't love to see Dick Tracy kick some ass once again? R rating required.

What are some remakes you are dreading or excited for?


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