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I like to write about movies, I have almost watched all of Stanley Kubrick's movies

"Spoiler alert"

I'll start off by saying the lines delivered by one of the characters named Michael Fitzgerald (Dylan Moran)

"There's no such thing is too much, there's only not enough"

Over the past 15 years roughly put the genre drama has been long forgotten in Hollywood cinema, now don't get me wrong they're still making fantastic movies but the attention is mainly diverted towards entertainment and commercialism (which is also not bad if you want to enjoy the movie in theaters or in 3d i-max with friends and a pack of pop- corns) having said that, what about those who doesn't watch movies for the sake of entertainment, to them entertaining movies are boring as anything.

Calvary has the potential to become one of the most talked-about movies of all time with the ever most sensitive subject but since the movie is by Irish cinema I doubt that anyone will bat an eye. However! That won't make the movie bad, that'll only differentiate the taste of people's thinking and attributes, which is by the way saying too much.

Back to page one: A lot of wonderful movies came out in 2014 but no one could match the quality of Calvary which makes the movie best of the lot. What makes the movie a great movie? Great direction, great acting or maybe great storyline. Quite frankly Calvary has all of them. The direction is amazing, great handwork done by the director John Michael McDonagh, the close range camera scenes; some of the shots required difficult close range stillness yet they were done brilliantly. Sensitive but very powerful script written by Mr. McDonagh, not many people can take a simple script, write it with ease and make a masterpiece out of it upon completion. Hates off!!! Literally

When we talk about acting it is understood that each and every role is awfully difficult and playing a priest is a total nightmare (impossible) now when the expressions match the exact timing of the moment that is when the character calls the actor that is when the character says itself "he/she was picture perfect to play ME" Calvary showed great performances of much underrated actors in Irish cinema, Chris O'Dowd was amazing as Jack Brennan followed by Kelly Reilly as Fiona Lavelle, Dylan Moran was amazingly superb as Michael Fitzgerald but the man who stole the whole show "Brendan Gleeson as Father James" playing a priest is not easy as many would agree but in Calvary, Gleeson made it look like a walk in the park, as if he is just being himself and not being the character at all, there is a scene in the movie where Gleeson is sitting with one of his pupils in the interrogation room his pupil confesses and blabbers about becoming God, that scene took my remaining breaths away, probably one of the most powerful scene of the movie, nonetheless his performance was spot on and exceptional and will be remembered as one of the best he ever outdid.

Thank you team Calvary for restoring the hope of great art movies in me again.

Overall, a bleak masterpiece "Solid 9.5/10" "Two thumbs up"



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