ByBrooklynn Renee Willeford, writer at

Okay here's what I think about the whole vision Alice showed to Arro in the final battle scene. We all know that Alice can't see the wolves because of some weird gene they carry but as twilight fans we are forgetting what Edward was telling Bella about Alice's vision in the very first book her visions are impressionable. If she concentrated hard enough she could make him see whatever she wanted as long as she believed it enough. My theory about it is when Alice and jasper took off she already knew what the face off in the field would look like so while she was out searching for other vamps like nesse she spent all that time morphing and warping her vision because she knew Arro would back down if he thought he was going to die. Arro wanted Alice for her abilities he has always wanted her because her gifts are valuable but I do t think he knew everything about her abilities because he never really spent time around her and her family so that is not the kind of information outside people know. He was like a kid in a candy store he saw something that looked really good and wanted it


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