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With the news that Rachel McAdams has been confirmed to be portraying the female lead in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, another heavyweight has been added to the already incredibly impressive cast roster for the 2016 film - currently featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Tilda Swindon as Strange's tutor - the Ancient One - and Chiwetel Ejiofor as arch-enemy Baron Mordo

But who is McAdams playing? With no confirmation as of yet, we look to the comics for some ideas as to the answer to that question...


Despite the fact that she's usually drawn as a slightly older looking grey-haired woman, the popular bet is currently on Clea as she is possibly the most prominent female character who reoccurs throughout Dr Strange's story-arcs.

The daughter of sorceress Umar and the niece to the demonic Dormammu (both antagonists to Doctor Strange), Clea is a powerful sorceress and the rightful heir and sometime-ruler of the Dark Dimension, which we may see making an appearance in Doctor Strange.

Clea and Strange first met when the Doctor fought Dormammu in the Dark Dimension. She was impressed by his bravery and skill and tried to stop them from fighting for fear that Strange would be killed.

Her uncle wasn't too happy about that though and took her hostage. She was saved by Strange and the Ancient One and returned to Earth with him as his disciple. They later became lovers and married, though they're now currently estranged and she left Earth to fight an uprising in the Dark Dimension.

Morgana Blessing

Morgana is an author with an extensive knowledge of the occult, but despite the fact that she possesses minimal innate abilities she's never attempted magic herself. Initially she was romantically interested in Strange but later became the lover of his brother, the vampiric Victor Strange, whom she supplied with her own blood for sustenance. (Doubt we'll see that making it in the movie though.)

She and Strange first met during a demonic bank robbery (yep) and Morgana has a long history with both him and Clea, basing a number of her books on their adventures; including a controversial biography of his life that she wrote when he was presumed dead which he was too happy about.

She hasn't made an appearance in the comics for a long while, but as Marvel do like adding in ordinary human characters as counterpoints to the superpowered in the Marvel films, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she shows up in Doctor Strange. After all, her vast knowledge of the occult would come in pretty handy for a newly-crowned Sorcerer Supreme.

Jennifer Kale

The heroic age Jennifer Kale (right)
The heroic age Jennifer Kale (right)

The cousin of Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Jennifer Kale is another powerful sorceress and possessor of the Tome of Zhered-Na, a mystical book of great power. She and Strange first met when she was kidnapped by Baron Mordo to use as human sacrifice to summon a chaos demon, after that they became allies though they did have disagreements, such as when Strange tried to gain possession of the Tome of Zhered-Na.

She was part of the group Witches, recruited into it by Doctor Strange to stop her possessed brother Andy alongside the sorceresses Satana and Topaz. She almost became Sorcerer Supreme at a point where Strange had relinquished that title, but Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm) was chosen instead. Her inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be interesting in terms of diversity as she's been confirmed canonically to be bisexual, and has never been touted as a love interest for Strange either.


I admit it's unlikely that McAdams would be introduced as another antagonist, given that we already have his arch-enemy Baron Mordo and with Mads Mikkelsen reportedly in talks to be playing another villain, having three may be saturating the playing field a little. However if they did go that way, introducing the demonic Mephista could be interesting.

Daughter of the infamous demon Mephisto, Mephista (later Jezebel) has been a formidable foe of, and sometime ally to, Doctor Strange. As a demoness she's incredibly strong - her powers include pyrokinesis, teleportation, possession, near-invulnerability, the ability to repel certain spells and summoning portals between dimensions.

Strange first encountered Mephista when she was sent to retrieve the soul of Baron Mordo, which he had in his possession at that time. They ended up banding together to fight the demon Satannish, and Mephista developed a bit of a crush on the Doctor. She later possessed his apprentice Topaz and caused all sorts of trouble through her though, not the best way to court someone.


L-R: Oshtur, Hoggoth, Agamotto
L-R: Oshtur, Hoggoth, Agamotto

Oshtur the Omnipotent is a member of the Vishanti, a trio of God-like extra-dimensional beings from whom Doctor Strange draws his powers. Generally benevolent, they are the protectors of Earth and the ones who grant mystic powers to whomever is deemed worthy by the Ancient One to be the Sorcerer Supreme.

A relation of the Earth goddess Gaea, Oshtur is the only one of the three Vishanti who manifests as a female figure, usually in the form of a green humanoid head. An Elder Goddess born billions of years ago, she birthed the Vishanti member Agamotto from her tears and is said to be the one who united the three. Given that Doctor Strange will have at least a measure of origin story to it, it wouldn't be surprising to see Oshtur showing up - though perhaps not as a central character.


Which character do you want McAdams to play in Doctor Strange?


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