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Not too long ago, mastermind Brad Bird announced that he was finally working on the sequel to his 2004 incredible non-comic based flick or animated phenomenon, The Incredibles, which still remains the perfect Fantastic Four movie. Yikes, did I just let that slip? Well, never mind. First off, it's terribly late! We've waited forever for this, but since Toy Story 3 eventually popped out of nowhere, I had faith in the most anticipated Pixar sequel ever. Here are a few things we probably already know that so need to happen!

1. Picking up where the first movie left off

Kind of strange how the video game counterpart had already arrived years ago with Mr. Incredible and Frozone in action to stop the surprise villain at the end of the first movie, named The Underminer. Also, the movie ends with Mr. Incredible changing into his suit in broad daylight... hope Brad times the introduction right. It's weird to watch an exuberant flick end with suspense every single time.

2. More screen time for Frozone

Well, he definitely went a long way to be one of the main characters in The Incredibles: Rise Of The Underminer, so he obviously needs something way more than a Super Suit reference with his badass wife before he shows up for the big picture.

3. Edna Mode

She said it all right, hopefully she can show her disgust to The Underminer the very same way, except that he doesn't get taken out by a cape disadvantage in the game like how Syndrome does in the movie. She's the real deal for everyone, probably even figured that Jack-Jack had powers all along but wanted them to emerge on their own.

4. Jack-Jack!

Jack-Jack deserves his spotlight in the sequel, given that he too was masked and ready for battle.

Plus, the one shot for all of you that have seen it.

Bet we never saw one thing coming, Snydrome kidnapping Jack-Jack after which he gets super pissed off and turns into...The Human Torch! Oops, wrong movie! Maybe the reference of campfire in Jack-Jack attack, makes more sense.

5. Something different besides what we already know

According to its video game counterpart, Mr. Incredible insists that he and Frozone chase down the Underminer while Helen and the kids stay out of harm's way, then they don't show up until the very end when The Underminer is defeated, which I totally do not buy. No way could the movie follow that route completely, without ensuring some astute performances from Elastigirl, Queen of the Unseen, the Pixar counterpart of The Flash or Quicksilver, plus freaking Jack-Jack as well!

6. Evolution of our younger characters

Now this is something we certainly wouldn't know for sure, given that it's just an anticipated turning point where Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack grow up to be the defenders of Metroville.


Does the kids growing up to defend Metroville mean an Incredibles 3 is inevitable?


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