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We are inching ever closer to the concluding months of 2015. With three months left in the year, we're becoming increasingly cynical concerning the release date of No Man's Sky - we won't see it happen in 2015, will we? One such indication is that Hello Games, and particularly Sean Murray, are involved in a plethora of promotional events for their upcoming indie title. But due to the very nature of No Man's Sky, Sean Murray will be talking with some pretty incredible people!

The New Yorker and The Late Show, will be talking with the mind behind No Man's Sky in the month of October, as they try and demonstrate the wonders of this title to a wider audience. By why is this all happening now? Perhaps the release date is closer than we think and this is the final promotional push!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky - Sean Murray, Together With Stephen Colbert & The New Yorker!

SEAN MURRAY, the architect of the forthcoming video game No Man’s Sky, talks with RAFFI KHATCHADOURIAN and presents a preview of the game.

This is the headline information for the event. The New Yorker is kicking off the show at 7 p.m. in New York, on Saturday, October 3rd for a whole 90 minutes. Raffi Khatchadourian has written about No Man's Sky for The New Yorker in the past. He appears fascinated by the expansive universe that this little British studio is creating and intends to invite non-gamers to revel in its accomplishments.

Hopefully those of us who've been following the game for a while now will be able to get something new out of the event. Perhaps we'll see some new footage or uncover some additional information about No Man's Sky. But what I'm really excited for, is to see how Sean Murray handles being on The Late Show, sat directly in front of Stephen Colbert.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

When Do You Think No Mans Sky Will Get Its Release Date On PS4?

On the Friday, the 2nd of October, Morgan Freeman, Ruth Wilson, and Sean Murray will be joining Colbert on The Late Show. Can you imagine being a part of the lineup of guests that includes Morgan-Fricken Freeman!!! His time with the interviewer will be short, but we're fascinated to see how the audience will take to No Man's Sky. Colbert will also be interviewing PewDiePie on Thursday - seems he's taking the time to acknowledge some big things happening in the gaming world!

In any case, we can't wait to see what comes out of these two events - especially all that Sean Murray awkwardness as he continuously replies "SOON!" to that age old release date question!


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