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No doubt the coolest home-brew project we've seen in a while, introducing Guitar Boy, the brilliant and fully functioning Game Boy-come-guitar. Can you imagine how freakin' sweet it would be if Nintendo actually made this a thing?

This device is the brainchild of retro hacker Fibbef, built as part of a competition by Bitfix to invent something workable based on the original Game Boy. Not only does this invention allow you to play as much Mario Bros. as your heart desires, but when you fancy a break, you can bust out a tune or two without even having to stand up.

Check it out:

Guitar Boy runs on Rasperry Pi and incorporates some sweet engineering work. The switch on the side toggles the audio output, allowing you to move seamlessly between guitar and Game Boy and features all the buttons you'd expect on the regular device, such as the D-pad, Start and Select, and A and B.

Whilst it's not possible to play both at the same time, which unfortunately means no strumming along to the Mario Bros. soundtrack, there's little denying that this project is very, very cool.

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Source: Gadget Show


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