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When it comes to Hollywood creating an all-guns-blazing blockbuster, of course we all expect more than a glimpse of the insane and fanatical. In no right mind or real world would we expect to be able to projectile our car straight into a helicopter a la Die Hard 4.0 and live to see the consequences. Nor would we expect to be able to soar through the sky in an expensive sports car from one Abu Dhabi skyscraper into another like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker did with aplomb in Furious 7, without at least causing a tiny bit of damage to the thing. Of course they pulled it off, because Vin Diesel. Right?

However, mad car stunts aside, it has been brought to our attention that Hollywood has perpetuated a number of potentially life saving (or ending) myths about the real world that most of us take for truth. That may be because, surprisingly, we haven't tried to chloroform anyone recently or tried to blow something up before. Or, maybe we're just plain gullible...

Myth 1. Grenades cause huge fire-filled explosions

Clip: Lethal Weapon, 1987

Tip: If someone throws a grenade in your general direction, don't look out for a big fiery explosion, 'cause there ain't gonna be one.

When released, grenades don't create large fiery explosions, they actually look far more like tiny dust storms. Their injury range is also a lot further than most movies and games show, as individual fragments of shrapnel can cause damage as far as 230 meters away.

Myth 2. Bullets can explode anything

Clip: Jaws,1975

Tip: Use dynamite instead.

As manufacturers of vehicles and pressurized gases aren't super stoked about getting the sh*t sued out of them, they tend to protect themselves against things like sudden impact punctures. You'd be forgiven for not knowing that though, especially when the above clip shows that shark exploding like he's been chewin' on explosives like candy.

Myth 3. Anything remotely solid is bulletproof

Clip: Grosse Pointe Blank, 1997

Tip: Avoid pissing off anyone with a gun and a bad temper, and if you do, don't follow Hollywood's guide on where to hide...

Such as when John Cusack hides behind all those potato chips in Grosse Pointe Blank. Or when Marty uses a stove plate as a bullet proof vest in Back to the Future. Or when everyone ever ducks down behind a car door to hide from a shower of bullets, because cars are only penetrated by gunshots when you shoot them in the right spot, obvs.

Myth 4. Chloroform will knock someone out instantly

Clip: Ace Ventura Pet Detective, 1994

Tip: Plan ahead.

Unlike the movies make you believe, chloroform does not work instantly, in fact it can take up to 5 minutes to feel the effects. This means that the attacker would have to be super strong to hold their struggling victim down, with the rag in place, for a pretttty long period of time before they passed out.

Myth 5. Defibrillating will bring a flatliner back from the dead

Clip: One Life to Live, 1968–2013

Tip: If this was a real thing, they'd be called something far cooler like de-deather or de-lawsofnaturer.

To paraphrase one Redditer, trying to defib a flatliner is like trying to turn on a machine that isn't plugged in.

Myth 6. Using a silencer transforms epic gunshots into silent whispers

Clip: No Country For Old Men, 2007

Tip: Listen to what the use of a silencer really sounds like.

Adding a silencer onto a gun transforms the deafening bang into a kitten like pffft, according to most James Bond films and the No Country For Old Men clip above. In reality, there's no covering the sound effects of gun powder, it's always gonna be really, really, bloody loud.

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