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Adel Haddadin

First when you read the title, you thought it was a writing mistake as I wrote 'Aged 13' let me tell you why he is not 15 in Captain America: Civil War.

Okay, the director said that Spidey will be aged 15 in his new reboot movie, but if they make the events of the reboot movie after Captain America: Civil War, they're doomed. That totally means (if the new reboot movie is after the events of Captain America: Civil War), Spidey is 14 years-old.That's because the new Untitled Spider-Man Reboot movie is one year after Captain America: Civil War. And according to many rumors, 'Spidey is an urban legend and has been fighting crime for a year by the events of Captain America: Civil War', Spidey was 13 when he first started fighting crime? And it means he might be in the 7th or 8th grade, he's a kid!

Yes, this new movie might destroy the history of Spider-Man, I'm disappointed...

Let's hope they figure it out soon.

Thanks for reading! That's all!


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