ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

Jamie Chung has done a fabulous and excellent job in her role of Mulan in OUAT on ABC. Now she's reprising this role in the upcoming Disney live action remake of Mulan the controversial 1999 Disney animated film.

This movie focuses on a woman passing herself off as a male soldier in the Chinese imperial army against the Huns in order to succeed her ailing father. Of course, this is illegal by ancient Chinese law which unfairly claims that any female impersonating a male warrior is to be immediately executed. Still, this movie shall do lighter and better than the original animated motion picture.

Next to Elle Fanning in MALEFICENT and Lily James in CINDERELLA; Jamie shall do better as Mulan as she did in Once Upon A Time.

MULAN rides into theaters soon.


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