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For my first post in the #5 Day Recommendation Challenge, I have chosen the 1997 movie, Good Burger, starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel. It seems fitting that this is the first movie I thought of since the hilarious pair have made their much anticipated comeback in a sketch on The Tonight Show.

This sketch perfectly describes the movie: senseless, yet somehow hilarious humor. Ed, played by Kel has a few screws loose and works at Good Burger. Deter Reed needs a job after getting into some trouble with Sinbad's character, Mr. Wheat. When a new burger joint opens up, the pair have to band together to save Good Burger from going out of business.

My description doesn't do the movie justice at all! With appearances from Lori Beth Timber (from All That!) and Carmen Electra, how could anything possibly go wrong?

Go check out Good Burger! You won't be disappointed! For my nominations for the challenge I choose Fred Blunden, Rosalyn Lim and Sree Lal! Check them out! They're all extremely talented writers!! Next up for me, I'll be recommending my favorite cult movie! If you've read my previous posts at all you can probably guess what that is. But until then, go watch Good Burger!


Will you watch Good Burger?


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