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We love superheroes and everything about them. Some of us even love the villains more than the heroes. These amazing characters and their personas affect us as people. Make us believe in something much bigger than ourselves. We just can't imagine ourselves in their roles. However, these characters are as human as we are.

I present to you some of my DC comics fan art that I made over a couple of months. Each piece includes hints to a mini story which I thought of while painting the characters.

Let's begin the show! Shall we?

Here's Poison Ivy with a slick hair-do; almost ready for a party at Wayne Manor. Notice her earring? She loves it.

And then there's Nightwing finding clues in burning buildings.

While the Batman himself wasn't very lucky tonight in a fight with Bane, ut-oh...

Meanwhile Harley is pretty mad because she can't find her mallet. She needs her trusty sidekick.

And The Joker is finally on Instagram and his selfie game is too strong!

I hope you enjoy this post and the art. Don't forget to follow me on my Behance or visit my website here.


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