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This movie is a retro-review with a focus around terrorism in films previous to 9/11. I will admit this movie is not really about terrorism in the traditional understanding; however, this story covers some of the many ways fear is used against us. In order to understand terror, we must understand our fear. This film is about the governments "justice" department with the prison system.

This story opens up showing what this man's marriage was like. A loving faithful husband, he is destroyed on the inside when he discovers his wife is cheating on him. He shows up when they are in the middle of the act and shotguns both of them down. I felt they deserved it when seeing it.

Before I move on to the rest of the article, I will begin by saying that the way the government handles "crimes of passion" is insane. We are raised around this culture where if we are loyal and honest to the ones we love, that we get married and live happily ever after. You can be all those things and still never find love. When someone is lucky enough to find such love and faces this betrayal, it is literally cruel and unusual punishment except no one sees it for what truly it is.

When someone betrays another and that person responds with vengeance, the government will punish them. That is the case in this movie. It did not matter that he was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by his wife because of the cheating, he was given two full life sentences for his "murders".

I quote "murders" because when you kill someone's life long relationship, that person is already dead inside. There is no getting over it, there is no moving on. Unfaithfulness will chill your blood the way death does, without killing you. That kind of grief is as intense as the grief around death itself. In my opinion, Tim's character was simply trying to protect himself from an invasive male. Since the damage was already done, he included his betrothed betrayer.

I guess since we live in the United States of America, people are free to walk up to our girlfriends and wives to kiss or seduce them all they want. We should also be free enough to protect ourselves from those assholes; because, it is wrong to make someone work and pay taxes their whole lives and not give them a legal means of defense against those social predators. They are not properly represented by the courts in these matters because of how many state laws are written to favor the unclean and dishonest.

Many people do not understand the shock that comes with being treated like that. The rage is overwhelming, especially if there is no way to deal with the trespassing and it continues to happen. Since he was sent to prison, he had become subjected to all the same punishments hardened and real criminals faced. This was in no way, reflecting the spirit of real justice.

In order to find justice, some people are faced with the challenge of having to deal with the same government that won both world wars if they are to take any viable action against their social aggressors. This is how the government stands in the way of both karma and natural selection. In a personal situation I faced, I will admit that if it was not my respect for the government...the seducer would have been killed upon me realizing what he was able to do and how he did it. It would have been actual natural selection instead of how that tragic story played out. The worst part was he was able to convince everyone else what he did to my relationship for his own was morally right, before graduating high school to later become a police officer.

What the government does in this movie to Tim's character is "Social Selection". Natural selection would have simply been left at his response to the betrayal. Social Selection in this case is what the government tried to call "justice." I use the word "social" because love and relationships are their own aspect of life. No one should have the power to take someone's dreams from them and make those dreams their own, especially not from hard working, tax-paying individuals.

In my opinion, if you are going to mislead someone in a life long relationship and do something like this, you should be prepared to accept the inevitable consequences. You can take a man who have never broken any law, unjustly hurt anyone his entire life and have a situation like this. That is all it takes to make a heartless monster.

I recommend this movie not because it has already been declared one of the greatest of its time; but, because there are so many life lessons that can be learned in this short time frame. We have way too many people in prison for stupid reasons that are unconstitutional. This movie highlights one of the main occurrences that imprisons those who do not truly belong there. It also covers the hardship that comes with fear of independence once someone becomes too attached to the system, even if it has held them against their will the whole time.

We need to begin looking at justice reform under this title. "Crimes of passion" is one of the first issues we should start with because of how the real victims are forced to endure endless suffering, one way or the other...


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