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From awesome fan art to interesting articles, it's always a treat to read through all your wonderful creations. Give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause as we celebrate this week's top 10 posts by new Creators.

1 - Marvel & DC Go Minimalist by Edi Bouazza

From Mr. Freeze to Gamora, Thanos to Hawkgirl - the gangs’ all here! Check out this great post and see all of your favourite Marvel and DC characters recreated in vibrant, minimalist style by digital artist and new Creator, Edi Bouazza.

2 - Welcome to the Santatorium by Trine Ericzon

Us MP staff recently had to do a double-take at this brand new Creator's profile! We've never seen a more convincing Game of Thrones cosplay before! Not only has she absolutely nailed the costume, she is the complete doppelgänger of the seductive Margaery Tyrell. Although not in the slightest bit genetically related, we're still convinced she must be her long lost twin!

3 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Will Red Hood Be in the Film? by Michael Howlett

With Batman Day just around the corner (it's tomorrow!!) MP is alive with Batgossip! Fresh new Creator Michael Howlett has fuelled our desire for more Batman related news even more by rustling up this compelling argument as to why and how the legendary Red Hood could be in Dawn of Justice!

4 - The Many Influences That Created The Fallout Franchise by Patrice St-Pierre Plamondon

The Fallout universe is getting larger and more complex with every new installation. With all of the impending changes set to take place with release of Fallout 4, some fans are starting to feel that many of the games’ influences are a bit more familiar and obvious than we all realise. Have you noticed? If not, Patrice St-Pierre Plamondon has put together a brilliant article outlining some of the many influences that helped contribute to the post-apocalyptic world that is Fallout. Click, enjoy, and let Patrice know if there are any influences he missed!

5 - Serie Super: Heroines, Villains and Princesses by Dayana Wischral

Are you ready for a collection of fan art that'll make any geek or movie buff extremely happy? Good, because new Moviepilot Creator Dayana Wischral is about to bombard you with the most adorable creations of all your favorite superheroes, villains and Disney princesses. From Batgirl to Snow White, from Harley Quinn to Ariel, no one has been forgotten. Be sure to check out her incredible work and don't forget to show her some love in the comments.

6 - The Name's Bond...Sean, George, Roger, Timothy, Pierce, Daniel Bond. Ranking the James Bond Actors by Grant Hermanns

The 'Which Bond is best?' debate has been on-going since before most of us were born, but its still something that varies hugely from person to person. Because of this, it is always a pleasure to read this type of post on Moviepilot. Take a look at Grant Hermanns' list and compare it to your own!

7 - Not Commonly Known Facts About The Shining by Fernanda Loya

We all know that Stanley Kubrick was a bit of a perfectionist, to say the least. But did you know that he worked Shelley Duvall so hard when filming The Shining that her hair started to fall out? It's no wonder, when you consider she had to film one scene 127 times! This informative post by new Creator Fernanda Loya takes us through more baffling trivia from one of the most renowned horror movies of all time.

8 - Which Marauder Are You? by Chloe Spencer

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs? This awesome quiz will help determine which Marauder is your soulmate. Answer carefully, or you could get lumped with Peter Pettigrew.

9 - The Confession of Fred Krueger: A fan film to rival the original by Brent Bredhold

Creator Brent Bredhold has provided a great example of how to pay tribute to something you love in post-form. With recent buzz about another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, Brent has shared his love for a fantastic fan-made film inspired by the series.

10 - Blood Anyone?... Meet New the Sfx Artist on the Block by Olivia Hunt (The Life of Livvy)

This is not the the squeamish! First time Creator and kickass make up and special effects artist, Olivia Hunt has posted this week with an intro to her amazing creations, inspiration and a guide on how to get the look for yourself! Head on over, give her a comment and try to keep your lunch down!

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