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Benicio del Toro is a prolific Hollywood actor who has set quite the cool image for himself. He has had various diverse roles that show off just how awesome he really is. At the nice age of 48, he is in the prime of his career. He's had an amazing body of work throughout his life as an actor, but his most recent role in Sicario looks absolutely jaw-dropping. Check out the trailer below and just try to tell me that he's not the very definition of "badass."

This film dives straight into the war on drugs, and looks to be as addictive as the substances they are fighting against. His role (which looks to be his best performance yet) inspired me to write a list of how and why Benicio del Toro is the coolest and biggest badass you can find in Hollywood.

Benicio was the youngest person to ever play a Bond villain

In 1989, Benicio played Dario in the classic James Bond movie, Licence to Kill. He was only 21 years old at the time, making him the youngest person to ever be a Bond villain, which was an amazing thing to put on his resumé at the time, as you can imagine.

At the age of 48, I could see him back as a James Bond and a perfect one at that. He has the undeniable mysteriousness surrounding him and he is, for sure, one of Hollywood's most intimidating men. Put him against Bond, I say.

He is a fantastic method actor

For one of his biggest movies, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, del Toro burned himself with cigarettes repeatedly for the elevator scene. His explanation for this was because the real Oscar Zeta Acosta did it, too. That is pure dedication. For his new film [Escobar: Paradise Lost](tag:741498), he was quoted saying:

"Even when you're playing a horrible person, you have to be having fun playing that horrible person. It makes no sense, it's kind of crazy and schizophrenic, but it's like — it's acting."

He defied all doubts in front of him

Benicio del Toro is a man who was determined to be great. When he was younger, his family urged him to become a lawyer because they felt there was no future to be had in acting. As well as I can see him as a wise-cracking lawyer, it's much better that he stayed with acting.

Not only that, but del Toro is only the the third Puerto Rican actor to win an Academy Award. The other two are Rita Moreno (West Side Story) and José Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac). Kudos, del Toro, major kudos.

He's got a cool past

Firstly, his name is as badass as it gets. Benicio del Toro is an awesome name just as it sounds, but did you know that "del Toro" means "Of the bull" in Spanish? Fitting name, I think. What do you guys think?

While filming William Friedkin's The Hunted (2003), he fell on his wrist as he dove for a knife and actor Tommy Lee Jones fell on top of him. He was injured so bad that he was out of work for months.

Del Toro was sent to boarding school in Pennsylvania when he was 13 years young. He also attended the University of California, San Diego and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

He supports Fulham FC in the Premier League!

Del Toro is a huge fan of Fulham Football Club over in England! Anybody who follows soccer knows that Fulham aren't exactly be the top dogs in British soccer. Nonetheless, it's really cool that he has a surprising interest like that.

Fellow supporters include: Elizabeth Hurley, Lily Allen, Hugh Laurie, Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Johnson and the late Michael Jackson. Who knew Fulham had such a following?

He's got tons of talents

Del Toro has also had a taste of the other side of filmmaking. He wrote, produced, and directed a short film titled Submission starring the great Matthew McConaughey, which screened at the Venice Film Festival in 1995.

Del Toro has been known to have a passion for oil paintings, too! He's definitely one of the more cultured dudes in Hollywood.

He's also so cool that he's hip enough to hang around with Johnny Depp, similar to Sicario co-star Josh Brolin.

He's got great taste

Music-wise, del Toro loves classic rock like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Typical, really, because they are as cool as music gets, and I can just picture del Toro chilling to these iconic classics. His favorite album is the phenomenal 'Exile on Main Street' by The Rolling Stones.

He's quite cultured in terms of movies as well. In his top 10 favorite movies, there are not many blockbusters to be seen. Granted, I haven't seen some of these myself. Take a look at his top picks:

  • 1. Creature From The Black Lagoon
  • 2. Andrei Rublev
  • 3. Taxi Driver
  • 4. Memories of Underdevelopment
  • 5. Papillon
  • 6. The Unholy Three
  • 7. The Tree of the Wooden Clogs
  • 8. This Strange Passion
  • 9. Battle of Algiers
  • 10. The Lusty Men

He's got tons of great roles to his name

Del Toro has got some great roles on his resumé and is sure to keep going. He is definitely one of the starring cameos in 2014's Guardians of The Galaxy as The Collector. I know most people, like me, want to see much more of The Collector, too.

He's got some fantastic thrillers, too. He's also starred in the cult-loved Snatch, The Usual Suspects and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

One can't contain the excitement to see del Toro in Star Wars: Episode VIII. A perfect role for the already decorated actor.

Make sure to check out this awesome clip of Del Toro in Sicario

Catch Sicario in theaters everywhere this weekend!


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