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So far DC has done an awesome job of getting us hyped for Suicide Squad with-out actually revealing that much about the finer points of the film's narrative. What we do know: Amanda Waller assembles the titular squad, aka Task Force X, to deal with an unknown villainous force; the film is a Harley Quinn origins tale; there'll be a cameo appearance from Ben Affleck's Batman.

We don't actually know what the members of the squad did to land themselves in jail, or whether the Joker appears at all in the present-day timeline (as opposed to just in Harley Quinn's flashback sequences), and surprisingly, we still have no idea who or what the Suicide Squad are fighting. But recently a theory has been doing the rounds which states the case for Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) being that mysterious antagonist, so let's take a look at the evidence and the backstory of the character and dig a little deeper into the mysteries of Suicide Squad.

How June Moore came to be Enchantress

The first thing you should know about June Moore is that Enchantress is not an alias she takes, but rather what she becomes after being possessed by a spirit. In the comics Enchantress is a part of the Suicide Squad, although you'll notice that she's not actually seen on screen with any of the other members of Task Force X in the trailer, suggesting her role in the film is something different entirely. She blows hot and cold between good and bad, using her abilities for good as June Moore and crossing over to the dark side when Enchantress takes over - so presumably in Suicide Squad, Enchantress has become too powerful and taken over June completely.

In the New 52 Justice League Dark story arc, a number of heroes with supernatural powers team up to take on the Enchantress, which could have been a source of inspiration for director David Ayer with this movie (although the premise of the film itself is not based on the New 52 comics, which would make it a bit of a pick-n-mix). Either way, the scenes from the trailer in which we seem to be looking at June Moore unpossessed by Enchantress would suggest we're going to see an origin story of some kind for Delevingne's character. But again, this doesn't seem to match up with the idea of Enchantress as a villain already wreaking enough havoc that Amanda Waller would need to assemble her task force.

The timeline enigma

Then again, it already seems likely Suicide Squad is going to be balancing multiple timelines, particularly if, as rumoured, the Joker (Jared Leto) appears entirely in flashbacks. If this is the case, why is Batman on top of his purple Lamborghini? Did this fight between the the Joker, Quinn and the caped crusader occur before Harley Quinn was captured and thrown in that jail where she's so fond of doing acrobatics? It's hard to make sense of what's past and what's present from the trailer, but hopefully Ayer brings all the threads together in the movie itself.

One of the things I like about the Enchantress-as-villain theory is that, should the squad be able to exorcise the spirit from Enchantress, she might be able to join them in the inevitable sequel - but then again, nobody else in Task Force X has abilities in the realm of sorcery and magic (some of them don't have any real abilities at all), so how would they be able to defeat her?

Good girl gone bad

Still, how many movies can you remember whose primary villain was a woman? June Moore herself may not be evil, but making Enchantress the enemy of the squad would help Suicide Squad to stand out massively in a field in which every villain (and pretty much every hero) is a man. DC would do in its third movie what Marvel have so far not been brave enough to do in twelve, and that to me is pretty exciting.

If Enchantress is the villain of the piece, the assumption is that Squad would be assembled to prevent her from resurrecting her brother (a spirit), an act which in turn would give the duo powers of destruction on a global scale. So the stakes are pretty high. It could be that Amanda Waller or somebody in government has identified Moore as a threat who needs to be taken out before she acts.

It's also interesting that by taking the sorcery route so early, the DCEU is going to pip Marvel to the stakes with the introduction of magic into a superhero story (Doctor Strange isn't out until next November). To a lot of people, magic is actually way more interesting than super-strength or the usual powers given to superheroes, which tend to blur into one. I'm definitely here for some-thing more in the realm of the supernatural, and hopefully whatever sorcery June indulges in will carry over into future DC movies.

Perhaps this article actually raised more questions than it answered, but for now speculation is all we have to go on when it comes to one of 2016's most hyped movies, and in truth the element of mystery has me more stoked for Suicide Squad than Batman vs Superman.

Do you have a theory regarding Suicide Squad, the role of June Moore or whether the Joker and Batman will feature only in flashback sequences? Share your thoughts in the comments or write a post about it.


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