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Is the Joker the reason for the battle?We already now that Superman kill the Joker, but is he gonna doit again in the movie.In the game Injustice:Gods among us Joker destroy Metropolis and for that he kill him.what if that happend in the movie and the movie actually is maked from the game or the go in other dimension.Maybe in the movie Harley Queen can be in the movie too.

Metropolis Destroyed!

That will be so cool if we see it in the movie.The other question is how many are gonna be they?Let see who gonna be in the movie: Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman,Doomsday,The Joker and any other?What if The Joker destroy Metropolis and Batman trying to save The Joker from Superman?Thet wiil be awesome.

Is Wonder Woman gonna help to Batman to save The Joker or will gonna help Supermanto kill The Joker?

Who will gonna win?What is the reason?We will gonna see next year.


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