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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Everyone loves themselves some Big Bang Theory, right? I know I surely did and with Season 9 starting back up I couldn't be happier! I have pretty much seen every episode of Big Bang Theory that there is, but I sometimes forget just how hilarious it is. Well, Thanks to Dana at I received Season 8 on Blu-ray and I was extremely excited! I breezed through the entire season in merely a couple of days and I thought I would share my favorite moments throughout! There is definitely a lot to choose from, but here is my list of the top 10 funniest moments from Big Bang Theory Season 8!

10. Drunk Amy and Bernadette

Amy and Bernadette are the two characters in the show that you really never expect to get a too wild. While in Vegas, the two went out and got a little bit tipsy and it made for a hilarious scene.

9. Post Prom Mating Ritual

So it seems that Sheldon's main coping mechanism is to simply just act like an... alien? Sheldon never fails to impress and when he begins to mix science with social problems, it is hilarious! Unfortunately, Sheldon and Amy did not carry out the "After Prom Mating Ritual."

8. The Nathan Fillion Selfie

Nathan Fillion is a geek legend, isn't he? He was a part of the cult series Firefly, he has voiced Hal Jordan in many DC Animated features, he even does voice work for Halo! One thing to always remember: If you see Nathan Fillion, don't question if it's really him!

7. Leonard Played Like a Violin

Oh, Leonard, ever so gullible. This wasn't the first time that Penny has tricked him and I'm sure it won't be the last. This instance was particularly hilarious because you have the addition of Wil Wheaton giving his two cents. An amazing scene and Leonard really did get played like a violin!

6. No Pants Sheldon

What a way to kick off last season! Sheldon wandering around a train station half-naked is definitely a hilarious sight to see. Sheldon is so awkward, especially when it comes to social situations. It is always interesting to see how Sheldon reacts to everyday problems and this scene had me in stitches.

5. Officer Hernandez

"I'm sure those Cool Ranch Doritos are doing the trick." This was yet another great way to begin last season, and it shows just how irritating Sheldon can be to deal with. There are lots of books named Sherlock Holmes and none called Officer Hernandez! Classic!

4. Stuart Living with Howard's Mom

This scene was so funny to me. Just the mere idea of how creepy it actually was will make you laugh. Imagine a grown man that is your age, living at your mother's house for free. I can't even picture it. Howard handled the situation pretty much like most people would, and Raj is always there for comedic affect.

3. Penny's Job Interview

Is anyone else scared of Bernadette? She is a bit of a bully. She seems so sweet and innocent, but she is really sassy and kinda snappy. I always like Bernadette, but she can get a bit too rude. She's been that way since the beginning, though, and it really works for her.

2. Ping Pong for the Tardis!

How many of us wish we could play Ping Pong for a set of Tardis doors? I know I would! Howard and Bernadette decided to settle their disagreement in the most comedic way possible: With Raj and Amy playing ping pong! Amy had a wicked serve, but gave in to the pressure of coitus.

1. Is Howard Smart Enough?

When two brainiacs go at each other, it's always great fun! Howard is a genius in the field of Engineering and Sheldon in Physics, but both believe they can out-wit one another. Sheldon becomes obsessed with outsmarting Howard and it makes for some truly must-see TV! Definitely the funniest scene of the season!

Season 8 was awesome!

Season 8 was perhaps my favorite season of Big Bang Theory thus far! Hopefully Season 9 can out-do last season and be even better. I have faith. So far, it has been doing pretty dang well... but it's going to be wicked hard to top Season 8!

You can get your DVD/Blur-Ray copy of The Big Bang Theory: Season 8 today!

What was your favorite scene from BBT Season 8? Let me know down below in the comments!


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