ByMark Lipka, writer at
... the author's opinions in the eyes of this reader. Regarding the 2012 John Carter movie, the rationale that leads to thinking that people didn't come out in droves to see it because it diverged from the ERB stories is flatly absurd. Most people are not familiar with Edgar Rice Burroughs or his original and wouldn't have known prior to attending a screening that the movie deviated from the originals at all even if they were familiar. Egos and advertising decisions inside the Disney company are the primary reason it didn't perform well at the box office initially. (However, since then, it's sold a boatload of discs!) Had they established John Carter as the revered inspiration for Star Wars, Superman, Flash Gordon & much more BEFORE the movie came out, I believe it would have done better business. As far as the quality of the movie, it was excellent with very few flaws. Could it have been a tad more R rated? Sure, but it's certainly not necessary. I think I'm gonna go watch it again tonight. : )

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