ByEdgy Ziane, writer at
dream maker, wise alien, color eater.

If our iconic heroes were immersed in the city, what would they look? In this series I wanted the alley fashion and look; they can be hipster, geek, they can have the swag and be trendy...

I just wanted to start by studying the clothing then I looked for models and said, "why not these modern icons everybody loves?" The most difficult part was to make themes recognizable at the very first glance, as well as their fashion look.

I will post them during this week to see if they're successful.

For more art, encouragement and support, or just to say hello, check out my site at Edgy ziane.

Street Voldemort

Travis Bickle Taxi driver

Alex Delarge (orange clockwork)

Astro Boy

Contemporary Link


Urban Vader

Luke Swagwalker

Princess Brat Leia

Stylish Mario

Geek chic Luigi


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