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With his nose turned to the heavens, Jesse Eisenberg has given us another little snippet of faith to mull over concerning [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). The actor will portray long-time Superman villain Lex Luthor (also constant problem for the Justice League, for anyone counting) and while he gave no plot points away, he did clarify the dynamics behind the scenes pretty well.

While promoting his upcoming book, the folks at We Got This Covered were able to get Eisenberg to divulge just a little bit on what to expect from Warner Bros' biggest superhero endeavor so far:

Since everyone here is obviously interested in writing in some capacity, I’ll tell you that the man wrote the movie, Chris Terrio, is absolutely phenomenal. He also wrote Argo. He’s such a brilliant guy, so well read. He’s interested in very sophisticated topics and discussions.
So in Batman V Superman, even though it’s a superhero movie, people who don’t necessarily see movies in that genre, like this crowd, will probably enjoy it. It discusses sophisticated and important themes

Chris Terrio was personally brought on to the project by Ben Affleck, and it seems that his choice has resonated with the rest of the cast; previously, only David Goyer was attached, and his controversial opinions about superheroes and superheroines left fans worrying about how much, exactly, he loved the characters that he was writing. But with Goyer, who has years of experience writing superhero lore, a counterbalance like Terrio might be exactly what's needed to bring DC's iconic trifecta of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman to the big screen.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice premieres on March 25, 2016.


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