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People.I don't know if you got IMDb Pro or not, but i don't. It's just on IMDb season 5B and 6 are all fake actors on it. If you can help me out, i will help you find information for anything you want just ask in the comments and i do a post of all the true things.

Delete all the fake actors, add/Keep:

Season 5B and Season 6:

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski

Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar

Season 5B:

Holland Roden as Lydia Martin

Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate/Hale

Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura (Credit only for episode 11)

Ryan Kelley as Deputy Jordan Parrish

Cody Christian as Theo Raeken

Victoria Moroles as Hayden Romero


Meagan Tandy as Braeden (Episode 11 and 14)

Marisol Nichols as The Desert Wolf (Episode 11 and 14)

Jordan Fisher as Noah (Episode 11)

Michael Johnston as Corey (Episode 11)

Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski (Episode 11 and 12)

Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall (Episode 11)

Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot (Episode(s) 16,17,18,19 and 20)

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale (Episode 13)

JR Bourne as Chris Argent (Episode 13)

Max Carver as Aiden (episode 12)

Tamlyn Tomita as Noshiko Yukimura (Episode 12 and 13)

Steven Brand as Dr. Valack (Episode 11,12 and 13)


Crystal Reed as Allison Argent (episode 12) (Rumored as an hallucionation of Lydia)

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey (Episode(s) 15,16,17,18,19 and 20) (Rumored)

Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore (Episode(s) 16,17,18,19 and 20) (rumored)

Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot (Full Season 6) (rumored)

Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton (Episode 11,12 and 14) (Rumored)

Charlie Carver as Ethan (Episode 18,19 and 20) (Rumored)

Tom Choi as Ken Yukimura (Episode 12 and 13) (Rumored)

Benita Robledo as Valerie Clarke (Episode 11 and 12) (Rumored)

Susan Walters as Natalie Martin (Episode 12) (Rumored)

Matthew Del negro as Rafael McCall (Season 6, Episode 2) (Rumored)

Henry Zaga as Josh (Episode 11) (Rumored)

Kelsey Chow as Tracy Stewart (Episode 11) (Rumored)

Ben Stillwell as Zach (Episode 12) (Rumored)

Aaron Thornton as Deputy Strauss/La Bete (Episode 11,12,13,14, 15,16,17,18,19 and 20) (Rumored)

Thanks, if you helped me out.

On this moment Theo & Brett are my favorite characters, i also like Parrish. I think Brett needs to get more screen time.

What might happen is him becoming a regular. It has been said on MTV a lot. They like him, he's character is loyal and they can tell good stories.

What needs to happen in 5B:

Theo: He needs to stay like this. And if they save him. I hope he becomes a blue eyed badass werewolf.

(This has been rumored) I think it would be cool if Scott would search for a better pack. People he knows he can trust, and try to connect him with his old pack. It might take 3 Episodes or more. But wouldn't it be cool. If Scott calls Isaac back. He asks Derek for help, Derek can't make it that soon, so he calls up Jackson for help. If Brett who they trust joins his pack. He gets Liam, Malia, Kira and Lydia in the pack again. Stiles and Mason never left. He kicked Stiles out, but he didn't really leave the pack. Lydia i'm not sure. Also it would be cool if a new guy (Jake T. Austin, Or someone else) really proves trust to Scott. Also let Parrish join the pack. I think the pack would be very cool. Cause at the end Derek, Hayden and Corey will join too.

Regulars for 5B:

Tyler Posey

Dylan O'Brien

Holland Roden

Arden Cho

Shelley Hennig

Daniel Sharman

Colton Haynes

Dylan Sprayberry

Ryan Kelley

Cody Christian

In Season 6


Tyler Hoechlin

Khylin Rhambo

Victoria Moroles join too

Michael Johnston will be requiring, maybe Tyler Hoechlin, Khylin Rhambo & Daniel Sharman will be requiring for Season 6 too.

But then again Daniel will return if he has the time, but yeah maybe not.

But i hope they bring someone back and get the pack better.

Teen Wolf will return in January.

1) We hope they get better graphics.

2) Better acting (I mean like less tra la la and more like crazy stuff (Void Stiles) (But not literally Void Stiles) just crazy stuff.

3) Stronger Scott

4) Brett and Parrish join the pack

5) That we can see the Hellhound

6) More Action

7) Crazy Kills

8) More Supernatural Creatures

9) A funny Stiles

10) Flying

Also Jeff said there aren't more stories?


I think Jeff might need help of better writers.

They can do crazy stuff.

Season 6: Ghost Riders and Kate

Season 7: Witches who search revange (Void Stiles, something simular)

Season 8: Make Stiles a creature, and bring back 1 of the Dread Doctors who makes a bad pack out of Peter (LA Bete), Kate (Were-Coyote & Jaguar), Allison (Kanima), Deucalion (God Wolf, Full Alpha, La Bete & Were-Coyote), Meredith (Banshee & Wendigo) and 1 New guy (Someone that has to do with Jackson's real parents) (As something new) and make them the pack (villains)

Season 9: Lucifer as the villain (over 2 seasons) (Season 9, 12 Episodes)

Season 10: Lucifer and a monster (big monster with all the supernatural parts) as the villains.

Then they can stop for me, or go on ahhahaha.


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