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Easily among the top three MCU movies on my countdown list and two of the greatest comic book team-ups of all time, today we take a look back at Marvel Studios' finest blockbusters by far in a few ways that prove they may coincidentally be one and the same.

1. The posters

This is a pretty obvious speculation you all might already have come across - both posters featuring an ensemble cast with Iron Man and Star-Lord posing the exact same way! Not really much of a resemblance but anyway...

2. Both feature Thanos and the other

Not trying to be Captain Obvious here but this is a close similarity, except you know, Ronan had more than guts to play his way through, while Loki's intentions were simple.

3. Black Widow is to Gamora as Gamora is to Black Widow

Both share their notorious histories and are mostly the counterparts of each other.

4. Hulk and Groot are both dumb but just awesome!

Any chance you might disagree on that?

5. Both villains seem dominant but are taken out in sublime but silly comic book style.

6. Similar geek moments.

7. Nick Fury is to Nova Prime as Nova Prime is to Nick Fury.

Except in terms of eye patch that indicates Nick Fury and Odin might resemble each other but that's a topic for another day!

8. Both teams seem isolated/ unbalanced with things they've lost.

Alright, that may resemble Winter Soldier a little more, but Bucky seems to have remembered losing Steve in his consciousness or vice versa. It all just fits!

8. Badass stills that come out of nowhere!

There are probably other similarities that I might have missed out but these are by far the closest. Let me know what you think!


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