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What do you think of this Superman pitch?

1.) What are your thoughts? (Good? Bad?)
2.) Is it better than Man of Steel?

Please if you have time, read this through. I did not write this, I think a former comic book writer did. I think its better than Man of Steel, but I really want to know if it's just me. So PLEASE, if you have time, read the pitch. Remember: that this is a pitch, and not really meant for an audience. So some stuff will not be detailed, because the screenwriter will have imagined it in his head. Enjoy!

Clark Kent/Superman is an alien who landed on Earth in a spaceship with the House of El symbol on it, and because of his amazing powers, finds it hard to blend in.

A god amongst men. After preventing a catastrophe (stopping an express train), and exposing his secret to the Smallville to-be-victims and nearly to the whole wide world, Superman runs away and tries to find out about his true heritage. This is because this is the first time he has actually seen how powerful he is and that both scares and intrigues him. Eventually he finds the Fortress of Solitude, where he activates a ghost Jor-El, who explains everything to him about Krypton and his bloodline and then gives him a brief tour (showing such places like the Phantom Zone portal, and warning him never to open it). Meanwhile, Lex Luthor, a manipulative multi-billionaire goes to visit a secret place called CADMUS. There we see that, unlike the rest of the world, Lex Luthor hasn’t forgotten about the mysterious train rescue that occurred around ten years ago. Straight after the incident occurred, Luthor sent his team to extract all data from the site (kryptonite and Superman’s blood on it etc.) and leave fake data behind. After ten years, he has used Superman’s DNA to try and duplicate him. He has tried various methods to speed up the process (used part Superman DNA and part DNA of other species, like human and dog etc.) But still he hasn't got a complete replica of Superman, he only has a bizarre version of him.

Luthor enters another room where on the screen there are many news articles about a mysterious red and white blur saving lives and stopping crime.

Logo is inspired from the symbol on his spaceship.
Logo is inspired from the symbol on his spaceship.

There are also newspapers about a Smallville meteor shower, implying that Luthor is connecting the dots.

Luthor understands that to get a better look at him and study him, he will need to create a catastrophe for Superman to prevent. So he causes a plane to malfunction and sure enough, Superman comes to save the day. This time the whole world gets a good look at him. The media calls him ‘Superman’ and the public go wild.

The pressure is on Superman, now everyone knows he exists and powerful people are looking for him. To escape all the pressure, Superman goes off to space for the first time, then to the Fortress of Solitude to consult with his ghost dad. Jor-El gives him a very moving speech that revolves around the point ‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility’ and ‘Embrace Your Responsibility, Don’t Run From It’ and how he will be the universal symbol for hope. Jor-El then gives him his blue and red Superman suit with the House of El symbol on it.

Presumably minus the trunks on the outside.
Presumably minus the trunks on the outside.

Been taught to embrace his new responsibility to help people as much as possible, Superman appears more frequently around the world. His mum tells him to remember his humanity as well, so he gets a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet, where he meets Lois Lane for the first time. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has a meeting with the world leaders about how Superman is a threat and we should monitor him and not let him manipulate us. The world leaders disagree, saying Superman has decreased crime on a global scale and that he is force for good. Luthor, enraged, unleashes his bizarre Superman on Smallville, where ‘Bizzaro’ wreaks havoc. In the rampage many Smallville civilians are dead and more are critically injured. Superman’s dad is one of the critically injured. He eventually dies, after making Superman promise to use his powers for good and to inspire mankind to do the same. However, the world leaders look at the catastrophe and realize that there is only one person on Earth who could have done something like that, Superman. There is a global manhunt for Superman, and to avoid being caught, Superman stays as Clark Kent to lay low for a while. As Clark Kent, he begs Perry White to let him report on the Smallville Catastrophe, and Perry White allows him, since that is his hometown. Lois Lane insists on tagging along, and they both go to Smallville to investigate. There are craters and destruction everywhere, but Clark knows for certain he didn’t do it. He asks an eyewitness (Lana Lang) and she describes the monster that attacked Smallville. She says that it was Superman because of his trademark ‘S’ on the chest. Clark figures out he was framed and uses his incredible super powers to examine the crime scene in incredible detail. He finds Bizzaro’s DNA (blood on kryptonite) and when examined, he realizes that it’s his. He realizes that he has been duplicated. He shares the idea of Superman being framed with Lois and she agrees, since she was on the plane that Superman saved and is convinced he isn’t evil. Together they do some hardcore investigating, and find out about CADMUS.

While this is all going on, Lex Luthor finds out about kryptonite being a kryptonian’s weakness. He once again unleashes Bizzaro, but this time on Metropolis to completely convince the world that Superman’s a threat. Clark, determined to stop the monster and prevent another catastrophe, goes to fight Bizzaro. Meanwhile, Lois infiltrates Cadmus and finds out about the experiments. Bizzaro and Superman engage in an epic battle, but Bizzaro’s savage nature gives him the slight edge. People soon realize that Bizzaro and Superman are different people, and that it is more likely that it was Bizzaro that caused the Smallville Catastrophe. Enraged that his plan (villainize Superman) is failing, so he proceeds to Plan B, villainize both Superman and Bizzaro and make himself the savior of mankind. He dons a kryptonite generated warsuit and goes to battle.

He stabs Bizzaro in the back with a kryptonite energy sword, thus killing him. Superman and Lex Luthor engage in an epic battle, but Superman’s weariness and Lex Luthor’s kryptonite weapons give him the edge. Before killing him, Lex Luthor boasts how easy it as to frame him, and how now he will be humanity’s savior. Superman, enraged that Lex Luthor killed his dad, charges at Lex and savagely and recklessly assaults him. His anger is stronger than his pain. Eventually, Lex’s powerful armor is stripped off and Superman pulls back to finish him off. But then he remembers his promise to his adopted dad, and refuses to kill Lex, instead, he knocks him out. The media soon surround the scene and understand the truth and Superman is once again made into a hero.

In the aftermath, Lex goes to prison and vows to escape. Superman visits his mum and she tells him how proud his dad would have been. Then he remembers Lois and goes to find her. He finds the CADMUS building burning, but luckily Lois is outside. When asked ‘What happened’, Lois says that as the building self-destruct, a mysterious person got her got of the building. When asked ‘Who was he?’ she has a flashback to the event. How the roof fell and someone caught it. Someone with a red ‘S’ on white and a young face. She replies with one word.


POST CREDITS SCENE: A white dog crawls out of the CADMUS rubble and walk away.


What are your thoughts!


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