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Get out your wallets and prepare some shelf space because this afternoon Funko revealed a new set of Pop! vinyls featuring characters of The Hunger Games. Based on HG success and popularity, it is no surprise Funko would want to acquire a license for the franchise. Mockingjay: Part 2 comes out in just two months so this product reveal seems like perfect timing.

The set contains seven vinyl figures, including four variations of our strong willed protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. Along with classic side-braid Katniss wearing her first arena gear while holding her signature bow, there is one of her representing the "Girl on Fire", the wedding dress from Catching Fire that President Snow made her wear, and the iconic "Mockingjay" outfit that Cinna created for her.

Next we have District 12's fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, who is also sporting his arena gear from the first movie. You obviously can't have Katniss without Peeta.

For the fans of Panem and the Capitol we have fan favorite, Effie Trinket, wearing her signature pink outfit from the first movie and the villainous President Snow who of course is wearing a white rose in his lapel.

I am surprised there wasn't a Haymitch or Gale but I am sure we will see them in the future considering this is only the first wave. I would also love to see Finnick, Cinna, Caesar, and Prim because they would make cool figures (just a suggestion Funko...).

According to Entertainment Earth, the figures will be out in November and are available on their website for preorder (each cost $9.99). They can also be found in select stores/websites with prices ranging from $10-15 depending on the location. No word on if there will be any exclusives but keep up with for the latest news and product releases!

Can't wait to add these to my growing collection!


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